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  • I have this error with my feeds:

    XML Parsing Error: unclosed CDATA section
    Line Number 28, Column 1:

    FeedBurner suppor told me this was an error he got (I don’t know where):

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: get_the_excerpt() in /…/ ons.php on line 53

    The feed template must say something like this (below), but I can’t find the template. I change the template that has this line on 28, but the “/feed” doesn’t change (as in it still says line 28). I don’t understand why there is no folder “/feed” when I’m logged into FTP. I think I need to find that file.

    <?php if (get_settings('rss_use_excerpt')) { ?>
    <description><![CDATA[<?php the_excerpt_rss() ?>]]></description>
    <?php } else { // use content ?>
    <description><?php the_content_rss('', 0, '', get_settings('rss_excerpt_length')) ?></description>
    <?php } ?>

    I see that this says rss_use_excerpt and the other says get_the_excerpt.

    I wish that Windows search actually worked for finding text in html documents, so I can’t find the file. Maybe I need that Google Desktop Search.

    The file feed-functions.php has get_the_excerpt and the_excerpt_rss, but not rss_use_excerpt. But it’s not a template file for a feed. Weird. It looks like it’s being defined right there. Where are all the functions defined for Word Press?

    function the_excerpt_rss() {
    $output = get_the_excerpt(true);
    echo apply_filters(‘the_excerpt_rss’, $output);

    You should read the post at FeedBurner support:

    It also says what I had been doing when the feed stopped working. I didn’t touch anything to do with feeds. I changed templates through the admin and I installed 1 plugin: Custom Post Per Page

    I also changed entries; I split up a few into more entries than one, and I changed the timestamps to get them in the right order.

    All this code and these errors are making my head spin, so I can’t tell if this post is cohesive enough. (I think this text box needs to be larger.)

    I think I need to either (A find the file that would define the rss fucntions or B) find the file that is the template for

    or maybe even C) change the feed I’m using ??

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  • After I fixed other issues, it started showing my feeds, again. I really don’t know why or why it happened.

    I hope if it happens again, I’ll know, or that it’ll just get fixed again. Hmm.

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