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    When running the plugin results in a “Error: Feed temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.” failure message, the plugin breaks the remainder of the page’s code. If you look at your own site today (, you can see nothing below where the content should be renders (January 27, 2017).

    This isn’t just a “no products found” error. When that happens, the code does display the rest of the page. Although, while I’m on the subject, the “no products found” error message appears as the top item on a page instead of where the code is placed on the page, and that could be handled a little bit more elegantly. I’ve opted to not display that message at all.

    This is a free plugin and I don’t expect any support. By the same token, don’t expect anyone to run to donate because “It is difficult to continue to develop plugins without contributions from users like you.” when you don’t respond to posts for 11 months.

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  • heya, we looked into this a bit and found where the error is in the code but it did look like its due to something on zazzle’s side. which is always changing. so we went with a monthly subscription to another plugin. looks like others had same issue so…here’s some folks talking more about the topic:

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    Thank you, @thefayth, for sharing that information!

    I didn’t explain why I made that original post up there very well. “… the plugin breaks the remainder of the page’s code …” is feedback to the plugin author. I feel that a plugin written for the purpose of displaying RSS Feeds should be written in such a way that if the feed breaks in some way, the remainder of the page still loads. That would be the best user experience, under those circumstances.

    In this particular instance, the reason the plugin wasn’t working was, as you say, a Zazzle issue — they converted from http to https for their feeds (and it was nice of someone to do the troubleshooting and post that in the forum — I and others modified the plugin to use https instead, and that got most of us up and running.

    Is your subscription service Easy Product Displays? Last I checked, the service IS great, but once a feed is pulled into EPD, the actual content is copied/pasted onto a website. What I like about Ilene Johnson’s plugin is that it pulls AND displays the feeds using shortcode into the site. It’s less maintenance, when Zazzle does its part.

    Again, thank you for taking the time to share that link — there’s a good chance, with WP plugins for Zazzle being few, far between, and rarely updated, that it’ll be very helpful to others seeking solutions!


    Thanks to the both of you for helping me get this working (using it as a replacement for a different plugin that also broke)! And agreed, it should also be fixed to fail gracefully…. oh well. Thanks again.

    If anyone still needs this, here are the lines that need changing to https: —

    line 1137:

    $dataURLBase = $this->options['contributorhandle']!="" ? 'https://feed.'. ZAZZLE_BASIC_URL_BASE .'/'.$this->options['contributorhandle'].'/feed' : 'https://feed.'.ZAZZLE_BASIC_URL_BASE.'/feeds';

    line 1408:
    $feedUrl = 'https://feed.'. ZAZZLE_BASIC_URL_BASE .'/collections/'.$this->options['collections'].'/rss?opensearch=true&at='.$associateid;

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