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  • Plugin Author smashballoon


    Hey ed, this seems to be a global issue. We’re looking into this now and will get back to your shortly.


    Hey @ed, I’m not the plugin author, but I’m currently hunting a similar problem. I took a look at your site, and I can see that there’s a Javascript error preventing you from getting your feed:

    /**/ jQuery112307114415710792243_1464806929804({meta: {error_type: "OAuthAccessTokenException", code: 400,…}})
    meta: {error_type: "OAuthAccessTokenException", code: 400,…}
    error_message:"The access_token provided does not match an approved application."

    Looks like your access token is invalid – try getting a new one through the “big blue button” at

    If this doesn’t work, then you might be in my boat – I updated my token, but it is still set to the old token in the HTML source, and I haven’t figured out why it won’t change.

    To see if your token has changed in your HTML, “View source” of your home page and look for this text: (line 1256)

    <script type='text/javascript'>
    /* <![CDATA[ */
    var sb_instagram_js_options = {"sb_instagram_at":"1205343594.97584da.f2687fa9fd8f4c1ea891a28f9544be7b"};
    /* ]]> */

    If the token update worked properly, you should see this line change.

    Aw sweet, @smashballoon is here!

    Might I propose an existence check on the and properties to avoid a blocking JS error?



    Thanks…yes when I tried to access a new token but I get the same token back at me….this is happening on two different access tokens so maybe it’s global?

    Plugin Author smashballoon


    Hey ed (and anyone else with this same problem),

    I’ve just pushed out an update to fix this issue (1.4.6). If you update the plugin and obtain a new token on the Settings page then it should work as normal again. I’m very sorry about that. Instagram’s API changes came into effect today and it looks like it caused an issue with the scope on our App, but all should be working again now.

    @eric McNiece, thanks for trying to help! It’s much appreciated, and I’ll also make a note to implement the check you suggested in the next update. Thanks for the tip!




    wow! thanks so much for the quick response. Amazing and all is back to normal on one of my sites…I will update others.

    Don’t apologize – this is some of the fastest support response I’ve ever seen, awesome work!

    @smashballoon – I’m still seeing that the old API key is stuck, despite a new key being populated in the plugin settings. Should we open a new thread?

    edit: check that, it updated. Advanced caching, etc. Looking good!

    Same issue here, definetly seems to be global. Hope this gets solved soon and by itself.
    My Insta feeds pointed to Revolution Slider are all down.

    @cortexvisual you should be able to update the plugin right now!

    Plugin Author smashballoon


    Glad to hear that the update is getting the feeds back up for everyone so far. @cortexvisual try updating and obtaining a new token (as shown here) and let me know if it solves the problem for you.

    Guys, hello.

    I read all the posts here in hope that something will help me to solve my problem, but nothing. I still can’t see my Instagram feed on my blog in the bottom, here is the link

    I’ve done everything, changed the token to a new one, logged out and logged in, and still nothing.

    And yes, I downloaded the new version of the Instagram Feed – still nothing.

    Please, help!

    Hey @ennfrancosaysblog – looks like you might have a different plugin giving you issues.

    Problem script: AJAX request to

    I deleted this plugin (, rewrote the token, but still – nothing.

    Hello my friend!
    What about multi user?
    Will be available Display feed from another users not only for my profile where i got access token?
    2. And one more qestion, can i do fullwidth feed? without left/right area?

    @ennfrancosaysblog great troubleshooting, thank you! The Javascript error is indeed gone, but I don’t see the usual network requests out to Instagram for this plugin. @smashballoon may have some input, but your site may need deeper investigation.

    @metil you can display multiple feeds (see the description) but I would guess that multi-user single feeds won’t work.

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