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    I’m testing out the free version of the Feedzy plugin and using the block editor to bring in some feeds in a post. I’m not clear on the Feed Caching Time functionality and just wanted to clarify whether this will affect what I want to achieve which is to capture a set of feed items in a post that do not change, i.e. are not refreshed by any items I add to the feed. I ultimately want a post to share feed items that are fixed in time and unchanging. If I create a new post, this could add new items (also fixed in time) that I have added to the feed.

    Hope this is clear. Can you advise?

    Best, Stephen

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    Hi @stephenwrks,

    Thanks for choosing Feedzy!

    It is possible to achieve this only using the feed to post feature. This way you can import the feed, then stop the automatic refresh process and only the items that were already imported will be displayed.

    I hope this helps!

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    Thanks for coming back to me @luciamarinescu – much appreciated 🙂

    I tried the feed to post function (assume it’s the import function you are referring to) and the challenge with that is it creates a post for every feed item when what I am after is a fixed set of feed items (time bounded) in one post.

    Here is a post example but every time I add to the feed it refreshes the feed items: https://innerventur.es/2022/06/23/sense-making-from-the-web/

    If there was a possibility to set time parameters in the Feedzy block settings that would be ideal – that is not perhaps on a roadmap by any chance?



    Hello there,

    Thank you for your message!

    The feed caching time represents the amount of time that Feedzy wil wait until it checks for new items in the provided feed. At the moment the maximum amount is 15 days.

    This cannot be set to “once” for example, because the block is not actually importing items on your page, rather it is visiting the link and showing you the items (just displays them). That being said, you cannot store the items this way as they aren’t physically there.

    If you want to implement such behavior, you could make use of the Otter Plugin which has a dedicated Posts Block for Gutenberg. (screenshot)

    How I would do it, is set up the imports so I can have feed items set in place, then I would use this Block within the Post that I’m interested in and only place the other feed items that I want inside it.

    Hopefully, this makes sense!

    Thank you and have an amazing day!

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    @mateithemeisle many thanks for your reply and suggestions, really appreciate 🙏

    I’ll give your suggestion a try but I am loathe to adding another plugin (as amazing as it sounds), especially one that is so comprehensive, just to achieve a small feature/function enhancement.

    I do get your point that the function is one related to importing items. I did try that separate option with Feedzy but then ran up against the problem that a post is created for each feed item rather than all feed items being collected into one post which is what I want.

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