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    There was this update from newsletter 1,5 week ago. There was no description what this update would do. (error loading this info in the popup).
    This week I updated the module and today I got the message that the Feed by mail did not go out.
    So I checked and saw nothing was send???? So I manually clicked “send it now!” and … nothing happened. It just loaded an empty screen.
    So just to be sure I did a test as well and Pressed again the “send now!”.
    This time it did go out but I had to delete the sending straight away as I received the test e-mail and saw that the Theme was completely gone and reset to the default theme.
    So I had to upload it again test and reset the feed by mail last sending.
    Finally I did send it now but what the heck…. How is this even possible?! How can the custom theme be completely gone, the feed by mail not send no update messages in your module update popup.
    It makes me worried about the future updates.

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  • Plugin Author Stefano Lissa


    Hi, please open a ticket to the support on for professional extension, thay are ot distributed via

    Anyway, did you customized the packaged themes? Plugin updates will always delete and reinstall the whole package, themes should be added to a specific and different folder than the one of the plugin.

    See here:

    Which version of feed by mail are you using? And the update is about feed by mail or the newsletter plugin?

    Please, move the discussion to the support area.

    Thank you, Stefano.

    No. It was a custom uploaded theme and it was gone.

    Plugin Author Stefano Lissa


    Did you look at the documentation? Was the theme uploaded to wp-content/extenions/newsletter-feed/themes folder?

    If the theme was in that folder it should not have deleted by an update.


    Yes it was a custom theme uploaded to that themes folder.
    It was gone and the feed by mail was now setup to use the theme “Pin” however it did not go out this morning like it did the last 5 years.
    Like I said. There was a newsletter update 1,5 weeks ago with no information what it would do.
    I waited one week to see if this info would come available but it did not.
    So after one week I decided to update after all after making a backup.
    After the update I did not check feed by mail as all looked good and I get more updates from the module that always go well.
    But this time things went wrong and I know for sure that I’m the only one that has access to that theme directory and no, I did not delete the theme myself for the customer.. why would I.

    When I check the plugin I see:
    Last updated: 2 weeks ago.
    It seems to me that this update is responsible for the issue as it worked fine before for a couple of years what I am still thankful of.

    Plugin Author Stefano Lissa


    Hi, hope you opened a ticket on the plugin site for commercial extensions issues. Anyway themes located on


    cannot be deleted by a plugin update. Note the extensions part pf the path.

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