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  • anybody, any clue?

    I’m currently having the same problem. Works fine with MyYahoo, but when I try to get feed from site it shows that error. I’ve read on here it could be a number of things. Extra lines in codes, plugins (if your running any I would troubleshoot them one by one, to see if that is causing the error)My problem was a plugin, I’m running about 15 and I deactivated them all and LOW and errors, rss feed works perfectly. Hope this helps!
    My site is currently underconstruction so if anyone checks it out, forgive the Mess!

    You can fix it by searching the forum for the many threads with responses to this issue. One is sure to work for you. It is usually due to an extra line in a plugin or wp file.

    Moderator James Huff


    attackofthegeek is right on track there. It’s either a plugin or a core WordPress file that somehow managed to acquire a few extra blank lines. I also recommend that you start by deactivating your plugins.

    WOW… I’ve been looking through the forum for a while and I am amazed at the rudeness. People come here for help and we all have different levels of experience with wordpress, its code, or forums. Telling people to do a search or look isn’t the help they need. Who knows, maybe they tried a search and used different words than someone else did…

    Your best bet would be to download another copy of wordpress, and then upload the files for the feeds. I hope that helps.

    go to your plugins folder and begin to open every .php file one by one.

    then: scroll down each file down to the bottom until you encounter “?>” without the quotes.

    example php file:
    text... code ..
    some more code...
    bla bla ..


    look if there is any “space” right AFTER or BELOW the “?>” or if there is even a “return” (new line).

    Delete any white-space after this and save the php. Any php/plugin file may not end with a empty line or space!

    Note: Backup all your plugins before you do that!

    I did that with all my files and then my feed was working again.

    Edit: and dont delete any text or code.. just the last line of the file needs to be checked for empty spaces… and if there is no ?> on the end of the file then move on to the next.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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