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    Hi, installed this plugin about a week ago, and I’m loving the shortcode that you can throw onto the 404 page for suggestions!

    I’m getting a lot of 404’s though with /feed in the title and I was wondering how I should handle them?

    No problem at all with as it goes straight to the website XML (RSS) feed.

    I’m getting lots of 404’s though where either a user or a search engine is trying to get to or PAGE/feed which is throwing up a 404 error.

    Should I ignore these and keep throwing them in the trash, or should I redirect the error to the actual post?

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  • Plugin Author Aaron



    You could try a regular expression. For example add a manual redirect, use /(.+)/feed for the URL, and check the Treat this URL as a regular expression box. For the “redirect to” page currently you’ll have to use an external URL to allow you to enter custom text. For example if your website is then you would use$1 for the “redirect to” page.

    I’m not quite getting it.

    So you’re saying that if the 404 error’ed page is, I should be putting and checking the regex box, but you’re saying that$1 will handle all of the redirects from each post and redirect them back to each individual post?

    Or does this need to be done for each post or page that is presently registering as a 404?

    Oh, and what about the categories in the posts, for eg ?

    Plugin Author Aaron


    Using a regular expression you would only create one redirect and it would work for all posts ending in /feed/.

    So the instructions are 1) use in the “URL” field, 2) check the “Treat this URL as a regular expression” box, 3) use$1 in the “redirect to” field, 4) save the manual redirect, 5) test it.

    The “(.+)” part of the regular expression means “match anything that goes here.”

    Let me know how it goes.

    Plugin Author Aaron


    It will work with categories also.

    Hmm, that’s what I suspected.

    If there’s only one redirect for everything ending in /feed/ then it defeats the object really, as it would be just like redirecting all content to the homepage.

    Would it not be more precise to add the actual post or page instead of the /feed/ bit, by using and redirecting each post to ?

    Plugin Author Aaron


    I don’t understand what you want.

    If you want to redirect everything to the homepage, then choose the homepage as the destination.

    If you want to redirect only individual pages, then only match individual pages and redirect to individual pages. Doing this for each page will be long and time consuming, and will achieve slowly and painfully the same thing that I’ve described to you with the regular expression.

    Please test various possibilities to see what they’ll do. If you can’t figure it out please provide specific examples with URLs of the functionality you want.

    Hang on, it’s a little bit trickier than I first thought.

    Around a month ago, I changed the permalinks to read ‘post title’ instead of ‘category/post-title’ and I think the error’ed /feed/’s are coming from the old version as I just tried it on a post, and the XML (RSS) feed fired straight up.

    So it looks like these errors are coming from the old version.

    Might be best to ride it out and wait for the new version to kick in fully?

    Plugin Author Aaron


    I have no idea what you could mean. If you have a more specific question just let me know.

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