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  • Hi AntoniusFM

    As per my understanding the notification you got is before Feb 6.
    It was just to notify that some major changer are going to be rolled out soon so check your app.

    This notification still might be there on app settings page.
    That part is just a Developer alert section which will list all the developer alerts you have got.

    You can get more info about Facebook’s Breaking Change policy here

    Hi there,
    I just discovered this plugin today and followed all the steps given in the description without any noticable problems. However it doesn’t send the posts to my facebook page. I don’t get any kind of error message in wordpress. I also don’t get any error message when I store the settings of this plugin. Tried with and without ignoring SSL certificates.
    Any ideas? Is there a way to turn error reporting on?

    Do you see this message when posting or editing an article or page near the button publish o update?

    Publish to Facebook Post again to Facebook
    Facebook Page Publish is not set up.
    Please check your plugin settings

    Thank you anand.au14, I know that plugin, I have tried it already, I have not the alert but I don’t see the posts on my pages.
    Also,I don’t see the possibility to republish when editing.
    Ok, If should I find a solution I will post it

    Luciano, I see this message

    Publish to Facebook CHECKBOX

    Hi zu1u, so it should be working. If the article is new the checkbox should be checked by default, if you are updating an article it should be empty and you can check it if you want to republish. So I don’t know why the plugin is not publishing.

    Is this going to get fixed?

    Some or all access permissions are missing. Please click the button Grant access rights! and authorize the plugin to post to your Facebook profile or page.
    [Error occured at line 774]

    Your page or profile’s access permissions could not be verified.

    Thanks anyway Luciano, maybe somebody else has an idea what might go wrong there <– this is the fix for “[Error occured at line 774]”
    Works like a charm! Try it 😉

    nodokita the fix is old, the plugin updated has already that fix

    i’m not quite sure how i did it but i got mine working again. it involved deleting my existing app though, and i’m too nervous about it to try to duplicate the process and confirm it, so try this at your own risk. a week ago i deleted the existing app for my website first. just now though, i went back to the Facebook Page Publish settings and clicked on the button to the right of the Application ID field. i don’t recall exactly what it said, since now it says something different. it was something about granting access. this sent me back to facebook where i granted access to the new app. as soon as i’d granted access the plugin settings went back to green and no more error code at the top of the page.

    I have solved the problem, but not with the Facebook Page Publish plugin. I think that the problem is generated from the plugin itself that needs to be fix. I tried everything with it and with facebook Page Publish 2 too without results. Those plugins may work depending from the theme that you are using.
    I have solved with Simple Facebook Connect.

    These are my steps done:
    1. Delete FPP plugin and install Simple Facebook Connect and activate it.
    2 click the link to go to settings.
    Click the link to go to the FB apps.
    3 Delete your application. I did because I had red tagged advices February 2013 Breaking Changes to fix etc. and I have messed up everything trying to fix it.
    Create a new fresh application with the same name o even better name. Just insert four things:
    * Display name
    * Namespace
    * Email address
    * and in “Website with Facebook Login” add the Url of your site.
    Don’t do anything else and save. That’s it. Now you have a new, brand new, fresh application w/o warning, red tags or advices of any kind!

    Go back to the plugin insert App ID, App Secret and your fanpage ID then do all the setting you want. You can autopublish either on your profile page and on one other page of yours, if you like. And when you edit a page or post you have 2 buttons to publish on your page or profile even if the post has been already published.
    You can see one of my site and from the FB window with friend face on the right column you can go to the dedicated fb page with an article republished properly.

    Be sure to set the image issues to get the post published with images.

    DO NOT follow the instructions above. Deleting your app from Facebook will delete all of your previous status updates on your page.

    Not true. Everything is in its place on the page. You can verify yourself.
    Anyway It’s everyone responsibility to do or not the handling I suggest. It works wonderful for me and others.

    it didn’t delete my updates either, but i’m not sure how my app may have differed from yours. if there is a risk of deleting all your updates, proceed with caution

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 38 total)
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