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  • I am loving wordpress, overall it just kicks every other blogging software I’ve tried out of the water. But IMO there are a couple of essential yet simple features missing:

    – preview of post (unless I missed something right now you can only preview your post after saving it, which is ok for a draft, but a problem when the post has already been published). Would be nice to have a button that opens a pop-up preview of what the actual post would look like (including changes made by any activated plugins).

    – multi post manage function.To be able to change the status (draft/publish) or delete multiple posts at the same time.

    – customizable Advanced controls. Would be nice to be able to choose what fields/options show up on the Advanced controls when writing a post.

    Just my 2 cents…

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  • I’ve said this somewhere before, but what I would like to see is:

    – pre-publication validation of posts (so that valid XHTML can be ensured)

    – convert input (pingbacks, trackbacks, comments) to Unicode

    Yngwin, wouldn’t it be simpler to just check that the theme/templates you are using are valid XHTML? Usually there isn’t that much going into a post that could break validity no?

    It would be cool if the wordpress dev ran a poll to see which new features are the most requested.

    I tried several other blog software packages before settling on WP (the best by far), and was running MT for a long time before switching, so I am missing a few MT features that I found useful. But I am curious to see what other WP users would like to see added in the future.

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