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    Great plugin. Some issues I would like to address and may be can be resolved.

    1) I need the products that have offer option not to show “Add to cart” button at all (shop and single). I saw a post here about it but the answer you gave did not address a situation where the button is not needed. I know the plugin code relies on the add to cart button element, but hope you can give a solution anyway.

    1a) Feature request – In case the add to cart button is kept, I would like to add the word “Or” (or whatever) between the button and the offer link.

    2)Translation – the info labels “Highest Current Offer” and “offer is currently pending” cannot be translated since in the code they are produced by “sprintf( _n( )”. How can I overcome this issue?


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    1) Actually, if you leave the price blank (not 0.00, but blank) in WooCommerce then it should leave the Add to Cart button off while still showing the offer button. Did you try that already?

    2) I will add this to our GitHub issue list and see if we can adjust so that it can be translated.

    Thank you.
    1) I did try it, but still would like to have the option of keeping the price. Shop managers usually don’t like to keep products without a price.

    1a) I still would like to have that option feature. Just a suggestion.

    For both, I managed to customize things, just thought it should be part of the plugin’s options.

    2) Thank you for that.

    Plugin Contributor angelleye


    1) Well then if you have a price set it would make sense to be able to add to cart at that price. Why would you want to force people to submit an offer if you’re displaying a price directly?

    1a) This could be done on your end using standard WC hooks.

    The motivation is to make it like Ebay’s “Buy now, or make an offer” feature. Just thought it would be good to add the option to the plugin’s settings.

    1a) Already done, thanks.

    Plugin Contributor angelleye


    I’m still confused. Again, if you have a price and you have offer enabled, then they would already have that same eBay functionality. They would either “add to cart” (which is the same as buy now) or they could submit an offer. If you’re using our PayPal for WooCommerce plugin with Express Checkout enabled at the product level then they would also have the option to buy without adding to cart via the PayPal button.

    You’re right. Thanks.

    Hi @yehudat , Thanks for bringing our attention to translation issue. We have fixed translation issue in our github issue.
    You can early access it if you want. We will update the plugin soon!

    If you have a moment to leave a review for the plugin that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    Hi @tejas111,

    I see the update, but it seems that my translation request is not implemented yet (it is not a po file issue, but in the php code)

    Anyways, I wrote a review.

    Thank you.

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    Hi @yehudat,
    For PHP code you have mentioned we have used
    _n() function that Translates and retrieves the singular or plural form based on the supplied number.

    So It will be localize like following in .po file.

    msgid “Highest Current Offer:”
    msgid_plural “Highest Current Offers:”
    msgstr[0] “”
    msgstr[1] “”

    It is included in the commit. As per the syntax of _n() function we generally used inside sprintf(). You can see it in example too.

    Hi, thank you!
    Never too late to learn something new 🙂

    Plugin Contributor angelleye


    We have this adjusted and will be releasing a update shortly.

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