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Features Request

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  • Plugin Author Gabriel


    Hey Hamzahali

    Thank you for your requests.

    – Whenever points are awarded to user it should be dsiplayed on the site for few seconds in a light overscreen like +5 – Like Cube points

    1) This is planned for 1.2

    – Use should not get points for commenting on own post

    2) Very good idea, I should have thought of that. I think I will include that in 1.2 to have that as an option for the Points for Comments hook.

    – Give points when user confirms newsletter subscribtion via Mailchimp

    3) I am working on getting to know Mailchimp as I have very limited experience with it (mainly just setup widgets to allow signups). But its a feature that I want to introduce but I need time to learn the Mailchimp API

    – Integrate with Gravityforms http://www.gravityforms.com

    4) Same goes for Gravityforms. I know its a very popular plugin and it’s on my list of getting to know better.

    – Integrate with http://wordpress.org/plugins/newsletter-sign-up/ (Gets points when ticks subscribe when commenting)

    5) I will have a look at this plugin and see if can include support.

    Other features already planned for 1.2 are:
    – Games Add-on
    – Reoccurring point handout (give points on a daily/weekly/monthly basis)
    – Improve the Import Add-on to allow import of entire logs i.e. when migrating over from Cubepoints.
    – Inline editing of user points from the User List in the admin area.

    (list is not yet final)



    Hello Gibs,

    Nice to see amazing development,

    I am still waiting for this feature,

    Whenever points are awarded/deducted to user it should be dsiplayed on the site for few seconds in a light overscreen like +5 – Like Cube points

    I was waiting for it in 1.2 as told above,

    Any ways thanks again

    Plugin Author Gabriel


    Hey hamzahali.

    Notices are coming as soon as I have the time.

    Hey Gabriel,

    Hope you don’t mind me chiming in on this, but figured if you’re going to be looking at an integration with MailChimp, it might also be worth considering WYSIJA as it’s probably the most popular and well scripted wordpress plugin for handling mailing lists.

    Just my 2c,


    Plugin Author Gabriel


    Thank you for your suggestion. Can you link to the plugin please.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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