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    Hello all!

    I want to migrate a site that is running an older, hacked version of MT ( to WordPress 2.0. While my personal site has been on WP for quite a while now, Apocalyptic Dreaming has some feature requirements that are pretty different, so I’m hoping to get some feedback concerning the feasability of using WP, plus plugins, for the site. While the site will be pretty community-oriented, I really like the idea of utilizing WP.

    Here are the features I would like to see (outside of the standard WP set):
    1. The ability for newly-registered users to post to the moderation queue.
    2. The ability for the user to hide their user info on the front-end, while ensuring that I, as the admin know their user information.
    3. A rating system for posts which will aggregate logged-in user votes. Ideally it would also negate a vote by the post author.
    4. User info pages for each author – nothing fancy, but I would like it to show all of their posts and comments.

    Any additional suggestions or thoughts from others who may be doing something similar would be greatly appreciated as well.



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  • 1. Is already available in WordPress 2.0 (that is, one can set newly registered users to be assigned the role of “Contributor,” which allows one to submit drafts but not publish).

    2. There is no default front end which displays user info in WordPress. Are you saying you’re looking for a way of displaying this, but letting users decide if they are “hidden?”


    Several post rating plugins listed there.

    4. By default WordPress provides author post queries (that work much as archive and category queries do). There’s even a template tag for displaying all authors w/links to their posts:

    I’m not sure if there’s anything out there now which displays both posts and comments of each author, but it wouldn’t be impossible to (programmably) combine both under an author query.



    Thanks for the detailed response Kafkaesqui! In regards to number 2, I would like to set up a way for the user to provide me with their proper e-mail address and name, but allow them to indicate whether they want that information displayed on their posts. So, a user would have the ability to post or comment “anonymously” which hides their personal info from the public.

    Thanks again,


    In regard to number 4, you could use the Author Profile Plugin. Hope that helps.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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