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    Hi, How are you?
    I would like to use your WP-PWA Plugin, but I have the following questions…

    1- if I create some Apps and upload them to stores (Google Play, etc.), will I to pay You a Fee? (like montly payments or something?) Or support is just paid
    when needed, and not monthly?;
    2- can I see some sample App, uploaded to Stores, made with your plugin, to install test (like demos or clients samples)?;
    3- with your plugin, can I have Woocommerce functions inside my App… like short-codes (prod. listings, cat. listings), cart functions, checkout, payments, etc.?;
    4- can I get access (on the App), to most Smartphone┬┤s functions, like… location(GPS), Camera, Contacts, Notifications, etc.?;

    I really appreciate your support. Sincerely… Joe Craion

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  • Plugin Author anghelalexandra


    Hi there,

    To answer your questions:

    1. No, you don’t have to pay a fee for uploading the app to App Stores. WordPress Mobile Pack also has a PRO version with an yearly price, but that is for extra features and priority support.

    2. Sorry, I don’t have an example of such an app. I would recommend that you customize the app before submitting it for review. App Stores (particularly iTunes) are changing their rules and discourage submission of template apps. You can find the source of the Angular app used in our plugin here: https://github.com/appticles/pwa-theme-obliq

    3. No, it is not compatible with WooCommerce. We have created a separate plugin for WooCommerce PWAs: https://wordpress.org/plugins/pwacommerce/

    4. Yes, you can get access to device capabilities like Camera and so on, but it doesn’t work by default. Please note that this app is a PWA (Progressive Web App), must be packaged using PhoneGap before it is actually submitted and you’ll have to use PhoneGap libraries for accessing the device’s capabilities. We actually recommend using other technologies (like React Native or Native Scripts) for implementing mobile apps which require lots of device capabilities.

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