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  • There are three features I would like to see for future releases of WordPress – basically they are to make life easier if WordPress is managed by several people…

    – “This post is currently being edited by…” – Prevent two people from editing the same post at the same time, by showing a warning that somebody else clicked on the “edit” link just a couple of minutes ago.

    – Change history: Ideally, store previous versions of the same document, in case someone messes it up, be it by accident or on purpose. Probably it would be good enough to story *one* previous version, and if different people have edited the same post, store one last version for each editor. (Or at the very least, keep the names of the people who have edited/contributed to a post.)

    – Notification: Notify everyone with a user level higher than X of fresh posts that are ready for publishing.

    Thanks for listening, and keep up that fabulous work!

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