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  • Hi, we’re having an issue where we drag the videos into order and select the first one as featured, but the originally featured video still shows. I’ve tried several things to get this to work, clearing the cache doesn’t help. Does this only work in the pro version or is this a problem with the plugin?

    How do we get the featured video to show in the main video window and the top of the thumbnail list?

    You can see the plugin here, the last video in the list is set to be featured, not the one in the main window.


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  • I have checked your site and noticed that you are not using the video home page for video and using [hdvideo playlistid=7]. When you call playlistid=7, then the player will play the videos from category ID 7. To show your featured videos, please paste [videohome] shortcode and go to WP admin -> Video gallery -> Settings -> find “Popular Videos”, “Recent Videos”, “Featured Videos”, “Category Videos” and disable them and check. Now you can adjust the video ordering by drag and drop the videos in admin videos page.

    If you are still facing any difficulties in this, feel free to contact us.

    Thanks for the response! The problem with just using the [videohome] shortcode is that we have different players on different pages that need to pick up the videos for that page only. Can that be done with the [videohome] shortcode, it doesn’t appear that way in the settings.

    Is this a function that is available in the paid version? Having categories is kind of pointless if you can’t use them and also order the videos in that category.



    Using [videohome] shortcode will display the featured videos in the player. If you have used 1 or more [videohome] shortocde will display the same video in the player. If you want to display the particular category video in the player for different pages, then you can use

    [hdvideo playlistid=2 relatedvideos=on]

    . Whne you use the above shortcode, it will display the particular category videos in the player.

    If you have any other queries feel free to contact us.


    You are talking in circles. I’m already using the above mentioned shortcode, you suggested using the [videohome] shortcode, but that doesn’t do what we need, neither does this shortcode.

    [hdvideo playlistid=2 relatedvideos=on]

    So, what you’re saying is that the plugin doesn’t do what we need, right? Not even the paid version? Seems like the plugin is flawed, if that’s the case. What’s the point of having categories if you can’t use them and order the videos to the desired placement? Guess we will be using a different solution. Thanks for the help.

    First of all you have asked for displaying “Featured Videos” in your home page. For that you need to use [videohome] shortcode and disable other sections in settings. After that you have asked for the difference category videos in different pages. So for that you need to use [hdvideo playlistid=2 relatedvideos=on]. When you provide “relatedvideos=on” in the “hdvideo” shortcode, then it will enable the related videos outside the player also (refer : and Hope you understand this point.

    If you want to enable different category videos list in different pages like featured section, please follow the below steps.

    1) Open /wp-content/plugins/contus-video-gallery/hdflvvideoshare.php file and find the below code.

    $pageContent = preg_replace_callback('/\[videomore\]/', 'video_morereplace', $pageContent);

    Now copy the following code and paste after the above code.

    $pageContent = preg_replace_callback('/\[videosec ([^]]*)\o]/i', 'video_moreidreplace', $pageContent);

    2) Find add_shortcode('hdvideo', 'video_shortcodeplace'); and paste the following code after the above code.

    ## Function to display category page
    function video_moreidreplace($arguments = array()) {
        global $frontControllerPath, $frontModelPath, $frontViewPath, $wp_query;
    	$playid = $arguments['id'];
        $wp_query->query_vars["playid"] = $playid;
        include_once ($frontControllerPath . 'videomoreController.php');
        $videoOBJ = new ContusMoreView();
        if (!empty($playid)){
            $more = 'cat';
    	if($arguments['rows'] && $arguments['cols']) {
    		$contentvideoPlayer = $videoOBJ->video_more_pages($more, $arguments);
    	} else {
    	    $contentvideoPlayer = $videoOBJ->video_more_pages($more,$arguments = array());
        return $contentvideoPlayer;
    add_shortcode('videosec', 'video_moreidreplace');

    3) Create new or edit the page in your admin panel and paste the following shortcode code.

    [hdvideo playlistid=2 relatedvideos=on]
    [videosec type=category id=2 rows=1 cols=4]

    The above shortcodes will display the player with videos of category ID 2 and thumb images of category ID 2 under the player (for eg: If you have more videos then you can control the videos list using the “rows” and “cols” in the above shortcode.

    4) Open /wp-content/plugins/contus-video-gallery/front/views/videomore.php and find function video_more_pages( $type ) and replace with function video_more_pages($type, $arguments)

    Now find case 'cat': in the same file. inside the case you can find the below code.

    $rowF  = $this->_settingsData->rowCat;
    $colF  = $this->_settingsData->colCat;

    Now replace with

    if($arguments['rows'] && $arguments['cols']) {
    $rowF           = $arguments['rows'];
    $colF           = $arguments['cols'];
    } else {
    $rowF           = $this->_settingsData->rowCat;
    $colF           = $this->_settingsData->colCat;

    Find $pagenum = isset( $this->_pagenum ) ? absint( $this->_pagenum ) : 1; and replace with

    $play_id = filter_input(INPUT_GET, 'playid');
    if($this->_playid == $play_id){
    $pagenum            = isset($this->_pagenum) ? absint($this->_pagenum) : 1;
    } else {
    $pagenum            = 1;
    $total          = $CountOFVideos;
    $num_of_pages   = ceil($total / $dataLimit);
    $arr_params     = array ( 'playid'=> $this->_playid, 'pagenum' => '%#%' );
    $page_links     = paginate_links(array(
    'base'      => add_query_arg($arr_params),
    'format'    => '',
    'prev_text' => __('«', 'aag'),
    'next_text' => __('»', 'aag'),
    'total'     => $num_of_pages,
    'current'   => $pagenum
    if ($page_links) {
    $div .='<div class="tablenav"><div class="tablenav-pages" >' . $page_links . '</div></div>';

    Find function categoryList. Before this function you can find the following set of code.

    $total = $CountOFVideos;
    				$num_of_pages = ceil( $total / $dataLimit );
    				$page_links   = paginate_links(
    							'base' => add_query_arg( 'pagenum', '%#%' ),
    							'format' => '',
    							'prev_text' => __( '«', 'aag' ),
    							'next_text' => __( '»', 'aag' ),
    							'total' => $num_of_pages,
    							'current' => $pagenum,
    				if ( $page_links ) {
    					$div .= '<div class="tablenav"><div class="tablenav-pages" >' . $page_links . '</div></div>';

    Remove or hide the above mentioned code.

    5) Finally open /wp-content/plugins/contus-video-gallery/front/models/videomore.php and find public function home_catthumbdata($thumImageorder,$pagenum,$dataLimit). Inside the function you can find the below code.

    $pagenum = isset( $pagenum ) ? absint( $pagenum ) : 1;
    $offset  = (  $pagenum - 1  ) * $dataLimit;

    now replace with the following code.

    $offset = 0;
    $pagenum = isset($pagenum ) ? absint($pagenum ) : 1;
    $play_id = filter_input(INPUT_GET, 'playid');
    if($play_id == $thumImageorder){
    $offset = ( $pagenum - 1 ) * $dataLimit;

    If you are facing difficulties in this, please contact our supporting team at So that we can check from our end and assist you accordingly.

    Just to clarify, I never asked for “displaying featured videos on the homepage”, not sure where the confusion came from, sorry if I wasn’t clear. We don’t use this on the homepage, just on pages.

    Thank you for the code, I’ll see if that works for us.

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