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  • Tried to figure out how the homepage picks the post images and thumbnails. Since there don’t seem to be any special custom fields, I assume the theme just takes one of the images embedded in the post? The first one?

    Anyway, I embeded one of my Flickr pictures and while it shows fine in the post, it shows a broken image icon on the homepage. The image address of that icon is
    and it produces the error: not found.
    (The real image doesn’t have all 1s, I replaced that for privacy here. This link with all the 1s doesn’t work, the one it actually complained about in the error does.)

    I noticed it does work when I copy the image to my WP uploads folder and link it from there, but it would be nice if I could save that step and use my Flickr pics directly.

    Also, is there some documentation as to how this cropper.php works – how it chooses where to crop, how I can control it, whether it crops at all if the image is already the right size, etc.? And what is the right size for the various thumbnails used throughout thr theme? Finally, are these thubnails recreated again and again at every pageview (server killer!!) or are they saved somewhere after the first hit?

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  • “News Magazine Theme 640”, which this post was about, doesn’t use this functionality. I checked the required line
    add_theme_support( 'post-thumbnails' );
    in its functions.php file and it’s not in there.

    Also, I don’t have the “Post Thumbnail” section on my Edit screen. I’m running WP 2.9.2. Does this only appear when it’s supported by the theme?

    Either way, there must be a different answer to my question above, although I see that implementing it using theis new feature would probably be better. Not something I can do though, I hope the theme author considers it.

    hi – if you add the line that enables theme support to functions.php
    add_theme_support( 'post-thumbnails' );
    you should see the Post Thumbnail option appear on your edit screen.

    Hi guys, in desperate need of help with thumbnails.

    How to get youtube video thumbnails to work? with the thumbnail system?

    I used Youtube Thumbnailer and it seems to work great. It puts a link to the thumbnail image as a custom field with the label “thumbnail”.

    The only problem is that the theme isn’t picking up on the “thumbnail” part and doesn’t pull the info from the posts’ custom field.

    Please help.

    Well, you got a free click to your blog post, but it didn’t solve my issue. This is something to do with this specific theme. I’m begging someone to please help =*(

    Kind of solved.

    I added add_theme_support('post-thumbnails'); to the functions.php file. This video tutorial was the best I’ve ever seen and should be watched, he makes it very easy.


    I used YouTube Thumbnailer to dig up the thumbnails from YouTube. This plugin will automatically create a custom field on every post that has a YouTube video EMBEDDED.

    2. Then I found out that the thumbnail (now called “featured image” in WP 3.0) does not work with images from URL nor does it seem to work with that custom field “thumbnail” created by YouTube Thumbnailer.

    So I went to the link generated by YouTube Thumbnailer, downloaded the small thumbnail, and went back to the “edit post” page and entered it as a featured image.

    4. Now the YouTube thumbnail works on the main index page AND the posts with regular images have thumbnails as well, thanks to the News Magazine 640 theme.

    NOTE: if you notice the link that the YouTube thumbnailer plugin gives you ends in “default.jpg” you can change default to 1 or 2 or 3 to find two other choices for thumbnails if the first one isn’t what you want.

    ANOTHER NOTE: it really sucks that this cannot be done automatically, because those of us with themes that are dense with YouTube videos, will have to go through and manually add the thumbnails to YouTube only posts. This doesn’t make sense.

    Weird side note: interstingly, i tried to do this without adding the <?php the_post_thumbnail(); ?> to the index.php and it still worked. So this theme must have something that allows the thumbnails to work. Funny though that the latest update didn’t have the add_theme_support in the functions.php

    Gripe note: this is way tooo tedious. Can someone please tell me a better way to solve this?

    Thanks neononcon. I think the blog link fixed my problem. I just wanted to let you guys know that I’m having another problem with the thumbnails, and I wanted to see if you knew how to solve it possibly. I created a new thread for it:

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