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  • Hi

    After updating to 4.4.2 most of the featured images in both products and blogposts have disappeared (only very old ones remain). They are not showing in the backend either and It´s not even letting me set featured images on new posts/products.

    I tried de-activating all plugins and even changing to TwentyFifteen but I can´t make it work, even the “set featured image” in the edtor.

    Here are the links:

    Thanks a lot for your help.

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  • Theme Author Kadence Themes


    I suggest contacting your hosting provider. If your not seeing any images in the admin something isn’t working correctly in the wordpress database.

    Kadence Themes

    Hello, thanks for your quick response. It seems I haven´t explained myself well, let me try to describe the situation again:

    – Images are showing fine in the media library

    – Images are loading fine in about 1/3 of the posts (mostly on the older ones, both normal posts and products)

    – Images are not loading neither in the front or backend in about 2/3 of the posts/products

    – The “set featured image” is not working anymore on these “broken” posts (I cannot re-assign them manually) or in new posts (I cannot set it). The Media Library window pops up fine and shows the images (it even has the correct image pre-selected) but when I click “set featured image” nothing happens.

    – I tried disabling ALL plugins and changing to the DEFAULT themes (both TwentyFifteen and TwentySixteen) but the “set featured image” feature is still not workin.

    Did your theme have a “non-standard” way to set featured images that could be causing this bug (after updating to 4.2.2)?

    Thank you very much again for your help.

    Theme Author Kadence Themes


    The theme doesn’t effect, change or in any way mess with core wordpress featured images functions. Or any core image functions for that matter.

    From here I would recommend checking the database for errors, running a repair through php admin.. Then I would contact your host about permissions. It’s possible something is out of wack with the permissions and file ownership.

    Those are just suggestions though. I’ve not had anyone else tell me of such an issue.

    Kadence Themes

    Thanks, that makes a lot of sense. I will try looking into the database structure, something odd is going on, that´s for sure.

    I have similar problem!

    where I can see all images in my media library but when I try to “insert media” or “set feature image” the interface keeps loading and doesn’t show any images. this has happened only recently!

    I’ve been reading through a lot of posts here but haven’t found any good tips for 4.4.2 =(

    This is only affecting websites that are updated to 4.4.2, my other clients are ok. Please help!



    Hey bostiq,
    Sorry for the delay! Have you tried contacting your host? It could be your php settings need to be increased.


    Hey…thanks for reply.

    No I think I need to clear this up:
    The interface doesn’t let me go as far as selecting an image to upload.

    The interface is trying to load the image library and it’s not able to do it. Nothing to do with image size, beside I uploaded everything by ftp and there’s not size limits there.

    The media library shows fine when selecting “media library” from wp left tabs.
    It doasn’t load the library when, from a post/page editor you are trying to insert an image from the “insert media” button or “set feature image” button.

    Ajax problem? this definitely looks like a consistent bug in 4.4.2.



    I haven’t heard of this happening from anyone else so I don’t believe it’s a bug within the theme. Try deacitvating your plugins to test if any are conflicting. Let me know if there’s no change.


    thank you

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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