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  • What are the ideal image sizes to fit in the featured images perfectly? I’ve read some details about the Featured Images; works best with images that are least 1038 wide. But what’s the ideal height?

    And why do I need to use an image of 1038 wide, when the maximum width is about 675?

    The smaller the image, the quicker the website.

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  • It’s 672 width and 372 height. I’m not a fan of the image size at all. I’m having to photo edit to make it work.

    1.) The featured image works best with landscape images not portrait.
    2.) I’m trying to make it the images nice enough to be pinned on Pinterest. This doesn’t work well.
    3.) I’m opting not to use a Featured Image at all on some post because it simply doesn’t work and that leaves the background as white. It doesn’t look too bad.

    It would be nice if there was a centering solution for the featured image setting. I hope this helps you.

    Thanks, Pamela, for the image sizes. I don’t know any easy way to get sizes right given the unlimited dimensions that could exist. I’ll just put them into Photoshop and “canvas size” the portrait images – maybe with some nice background or a text box callout on the side? Sort of a pain, but my experience tells me you need to find out what doesn’t work to appreciate what does.

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    why do I need to use an image of 1038 wide, when the maximum width is about 675?

    The 1038px wide featured image will be used for the slider, the full-width page template, and all posts when you choose to not use the content sidebar.

    Takashi Irie


    Theme Wrangler at Automattic

    But what’s the ideal height?

    The ideal size of featured image that works in anywhere in this theme is 1038px wide, 576px height.

    My featured images are all (four of them) over 675 wide and 372 high, but they are all reduced to 160 X 160 in the grid view. They display full size with the post.

    Any ideas how to control the thumbnail size?


    In desperation, I re-sized all of my featured images to 675 X 372 and they fit perfectly in the grid view now. It seems the theme doesn’t know how to display images with different ratios.

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    I would rather change the featured image size to what I want to use – I feel WordPress should provide that as an option in the media area as it does with the small medium and large images.

    Apart from that, does anyone know where I would change this setting using my child theme off of twenty-fourteen? It’s gotta be a function I can put in the child theme functions file.

    If you require assistance then, as per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic. This topic has been resolved.

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