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    im using the latest releases on wordpress multi-site and site-wide-tags which is causing me issues when researching the same problem from 11 months back – the fixes simply don’t match the same methods due to upgrades in software and plug-ins…

    the issue – i have an mu installation in which i have sub-sites and a main site, i am using the site-wide tags plug-in to pull posts from the sub-sites and display them on the particular page on the main site…
    text pulls in perfectly however the featured images do not and subsequently this is effecting my latest posts loader which also cannot pull the images from across site.

    i have contacted Pexeto who have helpfully reviewed my issue and described the following diagnosis
    “This is a bit weird – I think this may be either related with some installation settings or this may be a WordPress bug. I checked the code generated and the image code is not included, which means that the following code from the widget: (
    returns false. has_post_thumbnail() is a default WordPress function and the problem is that this function returns false when it should return true, so this is why I think it is something related with WordPress, not with the theme.

    looking forward to hearing good news 😉


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  • The images themselves are not copied. The html image tag of the featured post is added to the post meta in the tags blog.



    so is everyone who has a multisite install having this exact same problem?

    ive switched themes since and i am still experiencing issues when pulling featured images from subsites,
    from your answer i guess as the image isnt copied over then theres no way to get the image to display however is there not a way to fix this?

    thanks for your advice Ron!

    see for info on getting thumbnails to display on the tags blog.

    Ron, to be clear, they don’t need the dev version any more for this, right?

    The date on the post is October 2010. We’ve released 3 versions since then.

    (Yes, but you know and I know that changes don’t always make it in 😉 )

    Marking resolved so everyone knows for sure.

    I BELIEVE this thread is describing my problem.

    We currently are betting testing a subsite (as a subfolder) before rolling out any additional ones.

    One problem we are having is ensuring that the featured image (see which we added to the post when we created it (upload/insert > Use as featured image) actually appears on the subsite. Currently we have to open up the subsite admin page, open the post, re-upload the image and save it as the featured image.

    Is thre some way to get the featured image to appear across all subsites without going to each one’s admin page?

    Troy, do me a favor and make a new topic, since this is resolved 🙂

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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