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  • I just installed the Customizr theme.

    On my individual pages (i.e. WHAT WE DO) the featured image is one thing but it shows a different image on the front page.

    I’ve scoured the forums but cant find any thing.

    Here’s my site:


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  • (Going to base this off of the same: “What we do”)

    Are you talking about that green-background head icon on the homepage versus the picture of “Todd” on the right side of the screen after you visit the page?

    So, in my dashboard, the featured image that show is this: (click to see a screenshot).

    But on the front page it shows the icon of a person.

    Why doesn’t this match? I want what is on my dashboard page for irecommend to show on the front page.

    I apologize on the late response. missed the email notification of your reply.

    If it is not working with the featured image, then chances are that the featured image is not what controls that icon on the homepage. Sift through the appearance tab and see if there is a theme options panel. If there is, I am betting there is a place to control which post belongs to which icon.

    Although as for placement of the icons, the best I can tell is that it is hardcoded in that order (although I would not know for sure without seeing the theme)

    Your 100% best bet would be to contact the developer of the theme if it is not easily done from the theme options panel.

    Also (on a side and probably unrelated note) I would mention to the theme developer that they seem to have placed the wp_head() function in the wrong place in the source code. I went to view the source code to look into your problem and I was slightly confused to see so many scripts before the <html> tag even opened. It is supposed to be right before the </head> closing tag.

    I apologize that I cannot be of more help, but again your best bet may be to get in touch with the theme developer

    Thanks for the info.
    Did you happen to manipulate anything on the iRECOMMEND feature on the front page cause now it isn’t pulling any text.


    oops sorry, nevermind. it was just a slow update….

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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