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  • I,m using Feedwordpress plugin but it´s not always getting images form the original posts. Although it sometimes works and get some images (i don´t know why it is working for some images and not for others, even from the same source…), most of times it doesn´t get anything. I´ve tried installing some other plugins and Addons like ‘Auto post Thumbnail’, ‘Feedwordpress Advanced Filters’ or ‘WP+: SIC ‘Em (Syndicated Image Capture)’ but still not working well.

    Please if someone knows a way to get the images, let me know. I just want the images to be showed as featured images in my web, but I always mention the source and the posts are linked directly to the original sites.

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  • Plugin Author C. Johnson


    Hi @nutricionfan , as you’ve noticed, you need an add-on to work together with FeedWordPress to get Featured Images (that is unfortunate, but at present there is no standardized way for blogs to encode data about featured images in RSS/Atom feeds, so add-ons like FWP+: SIC ‘Em have to engage in some custom behavior and guesswork to figure out what the Featured Image for a post is supposed to be).

    I can offer some help with using FeedWordPress together with FWP+: SIC ‘Em, if that’s something you’re still interested in trying. The most sure-fire way to make sure that SicEm gets the images it is supposed to get depends a little bit on your circumstances: it sounds like you are syndicating posts from other websites that you don’t have direct control over? If so, that makes things a bit harder, but if you could let me know some more details about how things did or didn’t work out while using FWP+: SIC ‘Em, I can hopefully help you troubleshoot a bit. (In particular: did you succeed in getting any posts to show up with Featured Images? If so, did some posts show up with Featured Images and others not, or was the problem that the wrong image sometimes was used for a Featured Image? Did you notice whether posts that showed up without the correct Featured Image all came from one or more specific feeds, or did the problem spread out randomly across several feeds? (I.e., if one post from a feed got the correct or incorrect Featured Image, did other posts from the same feed also tend to get the correct or incorrect Featured Images? Or was it more random than that?) Let me know what you’re seeing and hopefully I can help out a bit.

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