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Featured images and project title

  • Hello to everybody!

    I’m using Pitch Theme with pleasure on my website. I have only two small issues with featured images inside a project page and the projects archive title.

    1) Featured images in a project page: Usually the picture is too large and prominent, and I’d like to resize it, to give a bit more prominence to the text. How to do it without previously resizing the images prior to upload? Check: http://www.dangelos.it/servizi/contribuenti-minimi/
    I guess it could be done by CSS…I tried inspecting the code with Firebug without a solution…

    2) Projects Archive title: Although I changed the Project archive title in the settings it shows up as Projects – Website titleServizi offerti. I’d want to show only Servizi offerti, as set in the settings. For now I solved changing directly the archive-project.php page, but what if I’d like to change it quickly from the theme settings? Check: http://www.dangelos.it/servizi/ Anybody had a similar issue?

    Thanks for your help!!!!

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