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  • Hello there,
    I have a website which requires a lots of posts and featured image for every post I make. Since i don’t have unlimited space on my hosting, is there a way to set image as featured without the need to download it, upload it to WP Gallery and then put it as featured. For example I find URL of the picture and then set it to post as featured, on that way that picture is not on my hosting and doesn’t use any of my space.
    Thank You

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  • you can use a custom fields, use one to store a link and edit your template to usea that value as source to one image source…

    So you’ll need edit code… If you’re confortable with it is a good solution

    If you hace some images right now as “featured image” you’ll need some conditional to select if it’s a featured image or a hotlinking image

    Thanks aritzalvarez
    That seems like a perfect solution.
    But is there any tutorial or basic instructions about how to do that? Thank You

    ¿Are you using a template you download or using a theme did by yourself? Cause you’ll need edit code, and a lot of code!

    I am using free template I downloaded. But I already had to edit large number of coding part to fully translate template to my language so I don’t think editing the code will be problem.

    Where did you download it from?

    that’s ok… Then we can find some solution…

    I can tell you i would do it… so, i mean it’s only my solution, i can’t ensure it’s the better solution… Just how i’ll do it if i need do…

    I understood you need use it on posts, not pages ¿It’s right?

    1. Install (if you didn’t yet) Types plugin, it will allow you to create and manage custom post types and custom fields very easy (and it’s free) i use it in almost all my projects.

    2. Once installed and active, create a custom field group in types/custom fileds (image) and [add custom field group]

    3. Create a “single line” field value (there’s a image option, but it’s to upload a file) like in this (image)

    4. Make this gropu only visble in posts, there’s an option to it in the builder “where to display this group” it will avoid show it in pages

    5. If you go to edit a post now… You should see the new field in editor (image)

    Now you can add the link to the featured image and store it in your posts, so we made a half of the way…

    Thank you
    I did all of that, does the coding part comes now, or?

    yes, coding comes now…

    I’m pretty bussy right now… I’ll respond you later (sorry) but in advance… Willbe great if you can post here your code (index.php and single.php) cause i guess there are the two files we need to edit… Maybe “archive.php”

    By the way, the easyest way to do it is if you link here the place i can download the template you’re using to take a look to ti’s code.


    Ok, I downloaded the theme from my site and packed it into .rar file. Here it is
    Thank you

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    @zlaja016 Before you start sharing that theme here, where did you obtain it from?

    Actually I don’t remember. I know that theme is free and it is posted on many websites.

    Link appears not work propertly

    You can se the page of theme’s developer in a link, in theme settings, under the screenshot, there is a brief description and info about the author, version, and stuff… There you can view the link to the authors site.

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    We’re pretty strict about GPL code here. If you can’t verify where you obtained it then please do not post the link here.

    Oh sorry, I didn’t knew.
    Here is the link to the author of the theme

    Can post a link to your website?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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