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    I am having trouble with my featured images. I am using woocommerce and it seems that I can place one but when I try to do the next one it will not save. Also, I cannot remove anything. I have had this problem on another site that I am running as well.

    The site is and I only have woocommerce and google fonts plugins running. I was using nextgen but took everything down because I thought that was the problem… it wasn’t.

    The cart works fine… checkout etc…. but I cannot add any more items until I can resolve the featured image problem.

    Thanks in advance,

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  • Just an observation as not sure of your exact situation, but usually you only have one featured image. You seem to be wanting multiple – in that case unless there is additional functionality to do that it wouldn’t work.

    Thanks, Karmatosed.
    What I meant to say was I can add a featured image to one product but when I try to add a second product it will not let me add a featured image for that product. Also, I cannot remove the featured image from the first product. I hope that makes sense.:-)


    So, you can only add one featured image for first, not for any subsequent – that’s a bit weird. I’m not a wooexpert but seems like something is a bit wrong with set up there.

    It’s not greatly helpful advice but if it was me I’d maybe consider asking in the woo forums. I think have some forums just for woocommerce.

    Thanks, Karmatosed.
    I have asked there. Some are saying it is something that is happening in the latest version of WP. I don’t know but it seems like others are having a similar problem. Several have suggested changing part of the WP code but I am really reluctant to do that. Others have said it is a conflict with a plugin but that doesn’t seem to make a difference in my case. I am still searching… thanks for the advice.

    Changing part of code does sound radical. Good luck searching and sorry couldn’t shed more light on it for you.

    Thanks for trying, Karmatosed. I am sure that I will find the answer… hopefully sooner rather than later. haha.

    Okay, apparently I just needed to choose ‘save all changes’ after setting the featured image. It doesn’t show up as a thumbnail on the WP page but shows up on the site. I don’t know why but it doesn’t matter to me…. just glad it works!

    I am still having this problem on my other site. (

    I cannot seem to resolve this. I have searched everywhere.

    I got a response back….this was VERY simple. I had to choose ‘add media’ and then set featured image. I was trying to set it from the ‘set featured image’ link. Now everything is working perfectly.

    I too have this problem with WooCommerce and adding Feature Image for products.
    The first product I was able to set Feature image. After that when I try to “Use as Featured image” it says “Saving…” without doing anything.
    I’ve tried doing it both from “Set Feature Image” link as well as add media. Nothing has worked. Very frustrating to sell product without images.



    Quick follow-up. Not sure where I saw this solution. But apparently WordPress 3.4x has this problem with certain configurations.

    The solution was rather simple, upgrade to WordPress 3.5
    Since WordPress is still in beta, until it is released, you will have to upgrade manually.

    Found an additional potential solution… check functions.php… if it doesn’t look like this:

    add_theme_support( ‘post-thumbnails’, array( ‘post’, ‘page’, ‘movie’, ‘product’ ) );

    …add what you need.

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