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  • Hi,

    ive been using Thumbnail for Excerpts in order to show a thumbnail for post previews on the homepage. however , as a change to the design, i needed the thumbnail size to be 400 by 200, with the text excerpt to be placed underneath.

    i had a number of problems trying to change the Thumbnail for Excerpts settings , as well as changing the default thumbnail size via General Settings > Media

    i then found some code online which allow me to upload an image via the posts ‘featured image’ section and it would crop this to 400 by 200.

    i inserted this function in the loop.php. However now i am faced with the problem that the thumbnail from the plugin is still showing. and if i deactivate the thumbnail, the full text of the post will be shown, as opposed to the 40 or so words which are shown now.

    any direction on solving this would be much appreciated.

    here is the website URL for you to see the issue

    thanks very much

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  • any ideas on this ?

    your issue is so much confusing can u explain wraply

    which part of the problem do u need re-explaining ?

    i had been using a plugin to generate thumbnails for the post previews.

    some design changes forced me to change the size of the thumbnails , so that they were not square.

    i discovered the ‘feature image’ setting, allowing me to upload these thumbnails myself at the desired size.

    the problem i have now is that i want half of the plugin to work ie. to ensure 50 words of the article is shown in the preview, but i do not want it to show the thumbnails that the plugin generates.

    when i deactivate the plugin. it shows the full article of the post, for the post preview, something which i do not want on the homepage.

    any thoughts on this ?…

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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