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    Having issues with the Featured Image. I want to disable the cropping of the image, or be able to manually crop it if it’s possible.

    Whatever the adjustments I make in the “Edit image” in the popup window doesn’t reflect on the page. What’s worse, once I touch the Edit Image, the thumbnail options disappear next time I try to go there and I can no longer adjust the settings. How do I fix that?

    The changes I make to the thumbnail size under the Settings – Media doesn’t seem to do anything either.

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  • The changes you make in Settings -> Media only affect images going forward, since the images themselves are stored on the server. That means you’ll need to take another approach to get the thumbnails to regenerate.

    First, to avoid the cropping, go to Settings -> Media and confirm that you have unchecked “Crop thumbnail to exact dimensions (normally thumbnails are proportional)” and save your changes.

    I think WordPress will just regenerate a thumbnail if you delete it, but you should test this on a single image to make sure I’m right before you do a bunch! If you want to try this, you need to delete the old thumbnail you want to have WordPress regenerate from the server. Use whatever file manager or FTP client you have set up for your server. Unless you changed the default file path, the thumbnails will be in /home/<your user name>/public_html/wp-content/uploads/<the year>/<the month>/<the file name> where the file name includes the size of the image, the smallest one being the thumbnail in most cases. Locate the thumbnail for the image you want to have regenerated based on the file url in the media library.

    Delete the thumbnail, browse to the page where the thumbnail should display in the blog, and see if WordPress regenerated it. If it worked, you can do the rest the same way.

    If you need to regenerate a lot of thumbnails, you might want to take a look at the Regenerate Thumbnails plug-in.

    The best thing to do is make all the changes to future images before you save them, or even before you upload them.

    Thanks Linux, I don’t have FTP access to this site, so I guess I’ll try the plugin.

    So, the dimensions of the thumbs will be what I set in the Setting? Going forward then, can I individually set the dimensions on each page? In case I make a mistake though, is there a way to change them?

    Oh, you’re working with one hand tied behind your back without FTP access, but all is not lost.

    If you look at the description in Settings -> Media, you’ll see it says “The sizes listed below determine the maximum dimensions in pixels to use when inserting an image into the body of a post.” That means that if you had, say, a landscape image that is 1024 x 768, and you have it set to not crop with a maximum thumbnail size of 150 x 150, it will reduce the image proportionately so that it’s largest dimension is 150 px, or about 150 x 113.

    Yes, the dimensions of the thumbs will be what you set in the Settings -> Media for them for all new images.

    I don’t know of a way to have different thumbnail sizes on each page, but you could skip the thumbnails entirely, size an image beforehand to the dimensions you want it to appear on the page, then select the full-size option in WordPress when you add the image to the post. Would that work for you?

    Ah, you are right.. I only need to use the Featured Image on certain pages.

    I was referring to the image popup window on each post. You can “Edit Image” and resize it etc. But which overwrites which.. this or the Settings – Media. For what I need though, it sounds like the Regenerate Thumbs plugin will take care of it as long as it overwrites the stored thumbs.. will try that.

    I think once you’ve saved an image, you may be stuck with the thumbnail even if you edit the image after that, but I haven’t tried it. Then the Settings -> Media would only affect new images.

    You can remove the image pop-up window on a given image by choosing “None” in the Link URL section of the image settings for an individual image.

    You can try the Regenerat Thumbs plug-in on one image and test it, if it works do them all, then just delete the plug-in when you’re done.

    I’m not trying to remove the popup.

    I’ve changed the Settings – Media dimensions and tried the plugin and it won’t change it. I renamed the image and reuploaded it, but it still reverts to the same cropping and the size.

    The Image popup I was referring to is in the WP admin panel. In the Edit Page, you click on the featured image (or any inserted image) and it’ll pop up a window to edit the image. I tried changing the dimensions there but that won’t work either.

    Any other suggestions?

    Hmm… Are you saying the plugin won’t regenerate the image you selected to regenerate a thumbnail for? And you’re looking at the image in the front end, not the back end when you’re saying it didn’t work?

    Are the dimensions you set in Settings -> Media larger than the dimensions of your image? If so, it won’t create a thumbnail, so there wouldn’t be anythign to be regenerated.

    Do you have any caching plug-in running that would cause you to see the old image? Have you cleared the cache in your browser to make sure you’re seeing your changes (Ctrl + F5 in Firefox)?

    Are you saying the plugin won’t regenerate the image you selected to regenerate a thumbnail for? And you’re looking at the image in the front end, not the back end when you’re saying it didn’t work?

    That’s what I’m saying. The dimensions are of course smaller than the original size. I have no cache plugin.

    What theme is that you’re using? Is it possible the theme is over-riding WordPress’ settings for the featured image? One way to test that would be to revert to a standard theme and see if things are working as you expect with the featured image.

    Can you give me a link to a specific page where the image you’re working with appears and tell me which image so I can look at the HTML for it? I looked at your site, but I’m not sure I’m looking where I should be. Maybe I can see more of what’s happening.

    I’m using Chameleon by Elegant Themes. I’ve been asking the question in their support forum too, but I’m not getting an answer. It’s quite possible the theme is overwriting the thumbs settings. One of the pages I’m having troubles is

    I’m using Chameleon by Elegant Themes. I’ve been asking the question in their support forum too, but I’m not getting an answer.

    Don’t you hate that?

    I’m not set up to try to duplicate what you’re experiencing, so I can’t be of as much help as I’d like.

    I looked at the page and the image shows a size of 186 x 186. If that isn’t what you have the thumbnails set for, then we still need to know why thumbnails aren’t being regenerated. It could be the plug-in isn’t working, but I’d also start looking at your theme for the reason.

    I don’t know anything about the specific theme you’re using, but if you’re really lucky there may be a configuration setting for the featured image/thumbnail sizes in Appearance -> Themes -> Your Theme. Maybe it uses that rather than the default settings.

    If not, have a look in wp-content/themes/your-theme-name/functions.php and see if you see a line like this:
    set_post_thumbnail_size( 186, 186, true );
    that sets a custom size and might over-ride your settings.

    I don’t see anything on thumbnail in the functions.php, but I have this in custom_functions.php:

    /* this function prints thumbnail from Post Thumbnail or Custom field or First post image */
    if ( ! function_exists( 'print_thumbnail' ) ){
    	function print_thumbnail($thumbnail = '', $use_timthumb = true, $alttext = '', $width = 100, $height = 100, $class = '', $echoout = true, $forstyle = false, $resize = true, $post='')

    Now, I don’t know why this says 100 and the actual thumb is 186..

    The exclamation point here:
    if ( ! function_exists( 'print_thumbnail' ) ){
    means “not,” so if you have a function called “print_thumbnail” then that is used in preference to this function. That means that the print_thumbnail function is most likely what’s resizing the thumbnails to 186 x 186. The question is, where is the 186 coming from?

    Have you tried switching to one of the default themes like twenty-ten or twenty-eleven to see if you can then set and regenerate your thumbnails? That way, we’d know it’s an issue with the theme and rule out something else in your WordPress installation or setup.

    Linux, thanks for all your help. I finally got a response in the theme’s support forum. Apparently, there’s not a way to change the way it crops and resizes without more involved customization, and they are suggesting I hire someone to do that. I did however get an answer on how to turn off the thumbs on the pages/posts and that’s what I’ll do for the time being.

    Thanks again!

    Interesting they are trying to get you to hire someone. If they just tell you where the code is located, it may be fairly straightforward to change it. Maybe you could reply in their forum asking for the file name/line number of the applicable code block?

    I was thinking after looking at the site that changing the code to affect how it resizes the featured images might mean you have to change some other things, such as CSS, so it could get much more involved than just changing a little PHP.

    Good luck with whatever you decide.

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