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  • I am having major issues in figuring out Featured Image control. After having read a myriad of posts and trying countless tweaks, I am still no further ahead. I thought I understood the way the image is utilized and how it is controlled, but I must be missing something. Please help.

    What I am Doing…

    I create a new post and select a Featured Image. In the Media Library options, I choose to upload a new image. For this example I select an oversized one measuring 4752×3168 pixels (I normally wouldn’t upload an image of this size but it is just for demonstration only). After uploading, I select Medium size (650×433), Use as Featured Image, and then Save.

    My Image Upload Settings

    The image shows up properly in the Featured Image section of the post (lower right). I check the uploads directory via FTP and the 4 following images were created…

    • Original size (4752×3168)
    • Thumbnail (150×100)
    • Medium size (650×433)
    • Large Size (1024×682)

    I undersand this as these sizes and crop are being controlled by the Media Library settings. I have changed these to meet my needs. See below…

    Media Library Size Settings

    When I save and preview the post, a 4th image is created. This one is 650×3168 and has some additional characters appended to the file name (4147030). This image is the one being called by the post.

    Featured Image Result

    How I Want it to Look

    Clicking on it displays the proper Original Sized image (4752×3168). My questions are:

    1. What process is creating this cropped image?
    2. Considering my Media settings, can this image’s size be customized?
    3. Can the Medium Sized image be used for the post?

    I have been through a boat load of explanations and posts on Featured Image utilization. From what I understand, the size that should be used is the one you select when uploading it and setting it as a Featured Image (as I did).

    The CSS code in my theme (I am using Elegant Theme’s Deep Focus) sets the post image’s max width to 650.

    .gallery-thumb img {
    	max-width: 650px;

    I have also entered the set_post_thumbnail_size…

    	add_theme_support( 'post-thumbnails' );
            set_post_thumbnail_size( 650, 1024 );

    I have posted questions both on other WordPress Blog Posts and my Theme’s Support Forum. Theme says it is a WordPress setting, wordPress Blog says it is a theme setting. I am lost!

    WordPress seems like a finely constructed piece of software. I aam sure there is a setting somewhere that configures this. I just don’t know where and how. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    Rick Ruddle

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  • A total guess, but try setting the CSS height like this:

    .gallery-thumb img {
       max-width: 650px;
       height: auto;


    @ruddle I am finding the same issue. Can anyone help?



    I was finding the same result, but I think the issue is that WP stores the ID of the original image as the Featured Image… but you CHOOSE the size of image you want to pull back & display, by specifying the size in the get_post_thumbnail_id() function. (2nd parameter)

    I stumbled across a trick/work around solution that works for me…It may not be the solution for everyone.

    I converted my image to a .bmp and uploaded it and the “full Size” comes up as “0x0”. I then select as featured image and voilĂ , the featured image comes up the full and accurate 600×85 size. Even when “inserting into post” it comes up as the full accurate size and can be adjusted as any other image.

    Good Luck

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