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  • Resolved emagin2


    Hi there, you are using the term “Thumbnail” in the plugin name and description.
    Is it the same thing as Featured Image?
    I’ve been a joomla user for a while and this separation of the first image in post from featured image is a bit frustrating.
    Your plugin makes quick work of this problem, thanks. Works great.

    Just wanted to make sure that I’m not missing something.

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  • Plugin Author Samuel Aguilera


    Short answer -> Yes.

    When I released first version of this plugin, the featured image was named post thumbnails in the WordPress core.

    In fact, WordPress core functions for featured image, still uses original thumbnail names.

    That’s because the plugin name (that can’t be changed in the Extend directory) says “thumbnail”.

    I’ll update readme to avoid confusions.

    Thanks Samuel, darned speedy reply, always a sign of a great developer!
    This thing works like a charm so five stars it is.
    Us users always have “Just a suggestion…” so here goes:

    I suspect a lot of folks are scratching head at the painful step of manually adding featured image. Quite frustrating really. So add the words “auto, automatic” in there to help em find you.

    Lastly I would suggest going to the next step in this journey. Many of us are then frustrated to find that featured images do NOT show up in RSS feeds! Ugh!
    Could this plugin be tweaked to add that feature? I found this and am testing:


    Plugin Author Samuel Aguilera


    Thank you emagin2. I’m glad to see you like so much the plugin (remember you can always use the donate link in the plugin page if you feel so happy with it ;)).

    And thank you about the suggestions.

    About the featured images not showing in RSS, I’m sorry but not planned to add that feature.

    The main and only purpose of this plugin is to do what it already does right now. Having a safe and WP standard compliant method to set featured images automatically 😉

    I have been setting the featured image of posts manually, from within the post creation page, so any posts I have created from my desktop PC all have featured images already and I want those to remain unchanged.

    If I install this plugin, can I then rely on it to create featured images for future posts I make from my mobile app (which doesn’t allow for setting featured images) without affecting my current posts that have a featured image already set?

    I’d rather just set mobile posts to pending and add featured images later if this plugin is going to have a negative affect on previous posts.

    Thanks so much!

    Plugin Author Samuel Aguilera


    I don’t know why you ask here in an older thread that has nothing to do with your question…

    Anyway, the answer is at the top of the readme:

    Checks if you defined the featured image (previously post thumbnail), and if not it automatically sets the featured image to the first uploaded image for that post. So easy like that…

    So, in short, the plugin doesn’t make anything with posts that already have a featured image/post thumbnail assigned.

    Plugin Author Samuel Aguilera



    Thank you for the fast reply and my apologies on posting here.

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