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  • I’ve updated my site to WordPress 3.7 today. My site’s homepage displays the latest posts with featured image and summary of content.
    Until it is running on WordPress 3.6, it is working normally. The moment I updated it to version 3.7, it stopped displaying featured images of posts on homepage.
    Further, some of the posts in homepage are displaying featured images. I can’t get to problem exactly.

    So, I’d like to get help from you.
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  • Krishna



    Looks like a theme-specific problem. Check if your site displays featured images if you use a default WordPress theme (say 2012 or 2013).

    Krishna, Thanks for your kind reply.
    If it was a problem with theme, why only few of the posts are displaying featured images? And the theme worked well with WordPress 3.6 version.
    By the way I’ll try installing old themes once.

    Hello Krishna,
    I’ve tried too many themes and I’ve even re-installed the WordPress. But still the problem persists.
    May I know any other way to solve this issue ?

    Switch to twentythirteen with no plugins and test it there.

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Brute Squad and Volunteer Moderator

    If it was a problem with theme, why only few of the posts are displaying featured images?

    There is an easy way to test: just switch to the Twenty Thirteen theme and see if the featured images are working.

    If the featured images work then it’s likely a theme issue. Have you considered contacting the theme author for support?

    Looks like the images that are not working are getting scaled to 1px X 1px –

    1000px × 1000px (scaled to 1px × 1px)

    I’ve already tried other themes on the same site.
    The problem still persists.

    Further, I’ve installed the same other sites. Its is working fine.
    WPyogi, You are right.

    We need to see the problem in a default theme with ALL plugins deactivated.

    Will do it now

    I’ve installed Twenty thirteen theme in it. It is displaying the entire content in the homepage. How can I set it to show only summary and featured images?

    You’d have to make a child theme and modify theme files – you might want to just look for a theme that has that already – there are lots of really great themes here:

    Had similar problem, in my case pictures where showing up 1px*1px (after 3.7 update), noticed that some images where missing attachment_meta. Generated that and now pictures are showing up fine.

    Cra77, I found that my site is facing the same issue.
    Could you please explain me how to generate attachment_meta.

    my generator code…

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    <?php /* meta generator */
    require ( ABSPATH . 'wp-admin/includes/image.php' );
    $args = array(
        'post_type' => 'attachment',
        'numberposts' => -1,
        'post_status' => null,
        'post_parent' => null, // any parent
        'post_mime_type' => 'image',
    $attachments = get_posts($args);
    $auto_incr_meta = $wpdb->get_var( 'SELECT MAX(meta_id) FROM wp_postmeta' );
    if ($attachments) {
        foreach ($attachments as $post) {
    if(wp_get_attachment_metadata( $post->ID, false )){
    //echo '1';
    //echo '2';
    $data = wp_generate_attachment_metadata( $post->ID, $post->guid );
    		'meta_id' => $auto_incr_meta,
    		'post_id' => $post->ID,
    		'meta_key' => '_wp_attachment_metadata',
    		'meta_value' => '',
    wp_update_attachment_metadata( $post->ID, $data );
    //echo $value;

    Dont now how good this is but it worked for me 🙂 basicly it checks all attachment(image) posts and if they dont have meta it will generate it and then add it to the postmeta table.

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