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[resolved] Featured image has invalid permissions (7 posts)

  1. Barbara Feldman
    Posted 1 year ago #

    I am using the CSV Manager, and am having two issues:

    1) "Featured image has invalid permissions" error which stops the import after 1 post (and then doesn't set the Featured Image). The image file is ALREADY in the Media Library, and has permissions of 766.

    2) The one imported post is missing BOTH the Featured Image and the Categories.

    Here is a screenshot of my field mappings:


  2. Barbara Feldman
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Both problems are now solved when I changed the image field from a full URL ("http://blah-blah.com/wp-content/uploads/store/image.jpg") to a relative path from wp-content/uploads/ (ie "store.image.jpg").

  3. Glad to hear it!

  4. Barbara Feldman
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Just to clarify the typo in my last post so that others will benefit from my lesson:

    "Featured image has invalid permissions" error from the CSV Manager was resolved when I changed the featured image field from a full URL (starting with "http://") to a relative path off the "wp-content/uploads/" folder. For me this path was "store/image.jpg".

    I also learned that the CSV Manager will import this image into the Media Library. All I needed to do was to FTP the images up to a folder below "wp-content/uploads". And of course, set the correct permissions.

    Another lesson was that the post_status field is REQUIRED, and should be either "draft" or "published" per your needs. And that the post_date field is recommended, as well as the excerpt field (even if it is blank).

    One last lesson: The error "file 8 missing from line 13" means that your image file is 404.

  5. abulaye
    Posted 1 year ago #


    I was having the same problem, fortunately you found the solution, but following your instructions I was able to upload items thru the manager without any interruption or stooping of the import with error messages, but after import none of the featured images were displayed on the products. Before importing I've FTP'ed:

    and in the CSV file Image information was in the following form:

    permission was 644 which is the standard file permission for wordpress files.

    So after my failure, can you explain exactly your process? You sat something about uploading to a folder under Wp-content and that CSV manager will put the pictures in the right place, can you shed more light.

    Thamks in advance, Regards Eduardo

  6. abulaye
    Posted 1 year ago #

    @barbfeldman @pippin

    Finally I made it to work. For anybody having the same problem, the right answer is here "cant figure out image slug".

    In the CSV file you only need to enter the image name (ie image.jpg), then before importing you must upload the image into wp-content/uploads. No need to change permissions but in case you do need then permission should be set to 644 if it doesn't work use 655. After successful import the image will be moved automatically into wp-content/uploads/edd. I know it is going to be a little messy compared to organized folders by year and month.

    I tried using a sub folder under wp-content/uploads and the import ended with a real nasty error on line 548 of class-importer.php.

    Regards Eduardo

    uploading the CSV

  7. Glad to hear it!

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