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  • Last night I wrote my first post since I was auto updated to 3.8.2, and for some reason my featured image on the home page is giant. Instead of being a thumbnail next to the post excerpt, it’s now the full width of the content column, but cropped weirdly.

    I’m SO frustrated right now. I’m a novice, and I’ve been fighting for a week to get my site to look normal again after upgrading both WordPress AND Thesis (2.1….ARRGHHHH!). I thought I had all these issues fixed, and now this happened.

    Please help if you can, and remember…I’m a beginner. Thank you!

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  • It more so has something to do with the theme than WordPress core itself. The updates (especially the minor updates, .8.1 .8.2) mainly affect things on the backend of your site, and not so much the front end user facing side (CSS html markup).

    After upgrading thesis to 2.1, your styles or template files were most likely changed to use the full image instead of the post thumb.

    You’ll need to adjust the template files to pull in and display the correct image/size. Probably in index.php or page-home.php or something similar.

    I think you’re probably right, because I’m using a free skin called Fremedy which does size the featured images like this. Here’s a link:


    I’m confused though as to why this is only happening with my newest post, and not all the other posts on the homepage. Also, I know nothing about php and VERY little about CSS. I basically figure things out by trial and error and it takes forever, so if you can help, Evan, (or anyone else) I’d really appreciate it.

    I’m not sure why your image is cropping like that, but it looks like the content/except is not displaying properly for the post.

    Have you set a featured image on the post? Have you entered an exceprt in the excerpt field? It seems weird the latest post has a huge gap, while the other posts look normal.

    Inside of style.css

    Remove overflow:hidden from this line

    .post_content {
    	overflow: hidden; // remove this line
    	margin-top: 20px;

    Your content should appear again for the first post

    I do have a featured image set, and the excerpt is just supposed to be the first part of my post, like with all the others on the home page. I removed the line as you suggested, but it looks the same I think.

    Personally, I think that’s how the new theme appears. If you look at the classes attached to the post container, you’ll see the class “top” which im sure has something to do with why the first post is styled that way, and the rest are not.

    The content has also appeared below the content for me, after you removed that line.

    I’d almost bet if you create a new post, that one will get pushed down and look as the others do, and your new post will look as this one does.

    Interesting. I used firebug to select the image in the first post, and I attempted to adjust the sizing. It will allow me to adjust the width, so I can make the image very small, and when I do that the post excerpt appears to the right of the image like in all the other posts. But I cannot adjust the height.

    So I guess my question is, can I change this so the first post appears the same as all the others? If so, how in the world do I do it?

    Also, I changed the featured image to one that was taken with a cell phone and is smaller, and now the excerpt appears to the right of it again, but in Firebug I can again change the only width, and not the height.

    Hey sorry I went out for some lunch.

    The size of the thumbnail is most likely inside one of the template files, using the the_post_thumbnail, where the size of the thumbnail used is specified

    OK, I’m SO frustrated. I can’t even figure out how to view the actual html in Thesis 2.1. I can see the layout of the template in the visual editor, but not the code itself.

    I do see what you’re talking about though when I view the code in Firebug – there is post box entry top and post box entry.

    You need to view the code from within a text editor. You’re not going to find the code on the WordPress dashboard.

    It’s also all constructed within PHP files.

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