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    Hi – I really like the way this plugin seems to work but i’m not able to set the Featured Image From URL to work … i can set a Featured Image from Computer and/or Media Library but not From URL …

    when clicking on the Add media file from URL, i can add and image url and WP will check to make sure it is valid with green check or red cross, i can add image title, alt tex, image cpation, alignment, and link image to (none or link to image) but only option that appears is “insert into post” and there is no way to set all this From URL as the Featured Image …

    which leads me to next question – i tried to export and import Promotion posts via WP Tools and everything makes it from Site A to Site B during the import except for Featured Image (when they were set from computer or media library) … thus how can one export and include the Featured Image with post info ..??..

    thanks in advance for any pointers that can be shared … cordially, chuck scott

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  • UPDATE on Export Import … okay since i started thread above, i’ve since done some more research and testing …

    turns out that the Featured Images did not export / import when i selected “export Promotions” (as opposed to export posts and pages) …

    however, if i export and select the check “All content This will contain all of your posts, pages, comments, custom fields, terms, navigation menus and custom posts.” then the Featured Images do travel with the Promotions posts …

    okay, now to figure out how to create Featured Posts from external URLs :>0 cs

    Plugin Author Micah Wood


    WordPress does not let you set a Featured Image from an external URL.

    However, I have provided an alternate method of loading images from an external URL in my plugin. When creating / editing a promotion, look in the ‘Promotion Slider Options’ meta box for the ‘Use a Content Delivery Network’ section. When you provide a URL for an image in this box, the image will be loaded from an external URL.

    WOW – that’s pretty cool – using the Content Delivery Network option to include an external URL of an image …

    as fyi, i did notice that while the external image shows in the slider just fine, a corresponding mini-thumbnail is not generated thus in the previous – next menu of thumbs, an external image is blank and ditto for no corresponding alt tag or text …

    thus maybe something to consider down the road would be to include another field that goes with CDN Image URL like ‘CDN Image text’ that could then be used for the alt tag text … not sure how you’d go about creating mini thumb from external file and/or if that is possible ..??..

    and THANK YOU for super fast response :>) cordially, chuck scott

    Plugin Author Micah Wood


    Yes… haven’t really had many people use this feature so thanks for the input. I will definitely add an ALT option, as that would be simple.

    I will have to look into the ability to have a thumbnail.

    looping back to my issues with export – import using stock WP Tools menu option, when using the CDN option to specify the slider image, the export Promotions works fine (vs having to export “all content”) … thanks again for such a neat plugin …

    and just some more fyi, the reason the export-import thing is bugging is me is that i’m working on a WP Multisite Network with several sub sites … thus would like to mimick the Promotion Slider on Site-A onto several other of the sites on network since they are all for same domain – e.g., one site is just for photos, another site is for twitter-like conversations, another site for general company info, etc … thus to get the slider to appear on all three sites, i thought that export-import would be easiest way but then when i saw the Featured Images did not migrate, i got bummed but now with CDN option, that is new info and i’ll have to rethink strategy as to how to setup sliders so i can update them in one spot and then move that info over to the other sites ..??.. to be continued … cordially, chuck scott

    Hi, any resolution on the featured image issue? I am at a loss… why can’t I even see a featured image field with the image url in the resulting exported xml file.

    hi nuevomediagroup

    I am looking for the same solution. using XML to feed my WP, but featured images do not get created. i tried Auto Featured Image plugin too.
    if i find how to get featured image and thumbnail from URL, I’ll post here.



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