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    Hi – how can I persuade oceanWP to display featured images on tags and category pages? I know that I not the first one to ask for this and I am sorry to steal other peoples time with this stuff again. There are plugins that offer the functionality to attach images to categories or tags and not just to static and blog pages but the task remains to make them appear on category/tag pages. I tried a couple of hours to “patch” index.php to do what I wanted but ultimately gave up. Maybe I am talking complete rubbish but it appears to me that the need for taxonomy-specific images has been a raging topic in WordPress since a long time and it is beyond me why featured images are still reserved for pages and single blogs in the WP standard. Would gladly pay for a oceanwp-extension that delivers this functionality.

    2. Oceanwp shows the subtitle (taxonomy description) on category pages but not on tag pages. Any smart way to correct this?

    3. Not directly oceanwp related: I am looking for a plugin that allows me to display categories as well as subcategories as grid of thumbnails allowing the visitors to my page to drill down to single poasts/pages. Any ideas are welcome how to solve this. I could create a gallery or a grid with images with elemetor and insert the respective links but that would be unsexy. Any hints where to look to solve this are highly welcome.

    Best regards, Andreas

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  • ok – found the answer to #2 by myself. Just added is_tag in function oceanwp_get_page_subheading() in helpers.php. That was easy, hopefully no side effects.

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    Hello, have you an example of what you want to do? Because if you add a featured image to your posts, the images are present on the categories and tags pages.

    3. Sorry I don’t know plugins to do this, you will need to do a search in WordPress.

    Hi oceanwp. I had three problems, two of them are solved right now, the thirs is not topic of oceanwp support forum.

    1. I needed _individual_ featured images in the page header of each and every tag- and category page. I solved this with the “category and Taxonomx Image”-plugin by Aftab Husain and tweaking helpers.php somewhat :-).
    2. I needed subtitles also on tag-pages – solution see above, also in helpers.php
    3. is not oceanwp-specific. I should have posted it probably somewhere else.

    Thank you for your help and providing oceanwp for the community.

    Best wishes,

    This is just to mark the post as solved.

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    You are most welcome, feel free to reach me again if you have any issue with the theme 🙂

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