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  • What caused it to move? Did you add plugins or change something?

    Sorry about duplicating post i just didnt know where i should have posted my problem.

    I added the new Twitter feed recently but I dont understand why if i just change the css ie float the text to the right and create the width to 75% then float my image to the left why that should effect my header

    I don’t know for sure – what happens if you deactivate that plugin?

    I have add it to a hook in the functions.php file so i cant “deactivate” however looking over the code if seem it be ok

    add_action('thematic_header', 'toptwitter', 5);
    function toptwitter(){ ?>
          <div class='twitter' id='toptwitter'>
           <h3><a href='' target='_blank'>Sligo Tweets</a></h3>
            <ul id='twitter_update_list'>
            <li><?php echo do_shortcode( "[rotatingtweets screen_name='sligotourism' include_rts = '0' tweet_count='5' timeout='9000' get_favorites = '0' rotation_type ='scrollRight' show_meta_timestamp = '0' show_meta_screen_name = '0' show_meta_via = '0' show_meta_reply_retweet_favorite = '0'  links_in_new_window = '1' ]" ) ?>

    So i am not so sure thats the problem.

    However looking at the source code I see the div that is holding the text is above the div holding the image

    Now the image is on the left side. From what I can see – to have it on the right, you’d need to change the HTML structure.

    But you’d really probably be best off asking on the theme’s dedicated site here:

    I figured it out. While looking at the css file I removed a comma
    ***face palm ***
    Thanks for your help anyway and sorry again about multiple posts

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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