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  • It would be great to have the featured image for posts and pages to be standard to allow for images or video. I am speaking of anything standard like a .mov or such that is allowed currently in the media library.

    I know it may be a major endeavor since most templates use sliders and such. Plus the fact that one would want to support HTML5 and be somewhat mobile compliant. Since WP is pretty mobile friendly by default.

    Currently I believe people turn off the featured image and use custom fields in order to have a featured video instead of a featured image. Or they use plugins.

    Retro fits are just not as easy for new users. If your Template does not support it people are pretty much out of luck.

    I put this out there because a high res picture convert prospects 3X better (vs low res) and video converts prospects 10X better when doing a site.

    So the benefits to WP, as a major platform, would be worth supporting a standard for video in the featured image section of WP sites by default.

    Please advise.


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  • This is not really feedback on the alpha/beta currently being tested, this is a regular feature request. I’m moving it to the correct forum.

    The post was not feed back on the beta. Even though I selected the most recent version in the drop down the post. It was meant to be correctly posted as a request and feedback for Word Press as a whole.

    WordPress โ€บ Support ยป Requests and Feedback

    But I can see if your saying this needs to be done as a request in the latest version in order to get traction. If I am reading your response correctly.

    Regardless I am not trying to throw in a rant, but give the online world a peak 10 years in to the future and speed up the process of online success.

    The whole concept of video integration is a majorly over looked as something needed sooner rather than later. As in the impact it will have of all users of WP today.

    I believe, in my humble opinion, WP lacks the ability to have better integration of video which is the best form of over all sensory communication on the web.

    Don’t get me wrong the under the hood does let one put in video just about anywhere (whitelisted domains of course); however, the prime front featured image concept has has an impediment with intergating video.

    Hence why I was asking for attention to the featured image being standard as featured image/video.

    Some template developers have included a sort of work around and the conversion results are mind blowing.

    It really is something over looked. This is coming from a person who was called up buy Nielsen and told hey did you know your the number two mover and shaker on the Internet.

    So please let’s keep apples… apples. I am trying to be on target here. It really could fit in both categories.

    Sorry to sound frustrated . . . I did my homework and even users of WP have many comments in various places gone unanswered. That is a real shame. We can’t complain WP is free by default.

    So do not want to be shuffled around, or worse this is the only kind of attention a serious request can get, but get someones attention as to hello, grab that double espresso. Let’s think different and change the world for the better of all open source users.

    Not talking bloat ware here. Just some fundamental goodness.

    Cuz how I see it WP is the best over all platform for the 99% of users and if the general public had just a tad better foundation with the standard out of the box WP . . . well they could give the 1% a run for their money.

    Far as I know you could already have this on what I call the parking lot. That yellow notebook of ideas to integrate when there are no higher priorities or security issues.

    Not that one feature is going to change the world, but ya never know.

    It increased my results / web 2.0 user interaction by 10X.

    So wonder what it could do for others???

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    Other way around ๐Ÿ™‚ Jane moved it OUT of the Alpha/Beta forum and INTO the Requests/Feedbacks ๐Ÿ™‚ She was saying this isn’t a specific issue with the current alpha/beta.

    Anyway, yes, support for featured videos (like we have featured images) would be cool. I’m (personally) not sure the HTML5 buy-in is big enough yet to justify it being put in WP core, and it would require all themes to be HTML5 compatible, which they are currently not.

    A couple ideas on it:

    First, this could be done with a plugin, and if the plugin worked well and was backwards compat, then it might be pulled into core.

    Second, if it WAS in core, it would have to have some check ‘If theme is HTML5, THEN you can use videos…’

    WordPress already allows videos, and there are some HTML5 video plugins, so we’re on the right track ๐Ÿ™‚ It may just take a while.


    Good Ideas.

    Images work great natively. I am not getting, big picture, why a couple of standard video formats do not work seamlessly with content integration.

    Like you said, we are on the right track.

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    ๐Ÿณ๏ธโ€๐ŸŒˆ Halfelf Rogue & Plugin Review Team Rep

    I am not getting, big picture, why a couple of standard video formats do not work seamlessly with content integration.

    Because they’re not actually standard ๐Ÿ™‚

    Not every browser would support them (I think MAYBE half and one of them is NOT IE, which is a huge chunk o’ change).

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