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  • I have also noticed my “featured images” are shorter in height than the example which I am assuming is relate to the “featured content” images.

    Also on the mobile version the images only fill half the space also….

    You might need to regenerate the thumbnails for the theme’s set sizes to take effect.

    Recommended plugin for that is:

    Lance Willett



    Hi wjmdes — nice looking WP site you have there. 🙂

    Those images are a bit different in proportion than the theme expects — actually, most WordPress themes, not just this one. For featured image use, generally something in a more balanced/proportional aspect ratio works best, say like 4:3 or similar.

    What’s happening behind the scenes: the way WordPress crops images depends on how the theme registers “post thumbnail” sizes, and for Twenty Fourteen the minimum height for an image to be cropped is 372 pixels.

    At 288 pixels high your images will be left uncropped and appear at their original aspect ratio as a result, though CSS rules exist to make them shrink to fit the container.

    Now to even more geeky stuff! You can try to make it work by using your own CSS, either in a child theme or if you are running Jetpack plugin, use the Custom CSS function there.

    .featured-content .post-thumbnail {
    	padding-top: 28.8%;

    That will result in a layout something like this:

    The photos I set as featured are the original 4:3 ratio. The only ones that are actually cropped are the ones for the header image. I know little about code and wondering if something is left over from using previous theme… twenty eleven?

    OK, I solved the issue (I think): This was occurring on images I had uploaded pre 2014 installation. I had to upload a “fresh” image or it would crop it per 2011 needs. I went to a post, removed featured image, update, tried different image in library and still no success. Then removed featured image, did full new upload of image wanted and voila.

    I will keep fixing the ones that are “broke and see if this solves it all.

    Lance Willett



    Oh, in that case use the plugin mentioned above to regenerate the new images sizes automatically.

    I was having this issue. I used the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin linked to above and it fixed everything. Great tool, by the way. It also works when you upload an iPhone photo and it is initially displayed sideways. Once it’s edited, you can regenerate thumbnails so all sizes show up with the correct orientation.

    Fixed, thank you.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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