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  • alright so I’ve spent the whole day looking for a damn wordpress(free) theme I like. I really think I’ve seen all there is to offer on the internet now. However I can’t find one that I want!!!! So I’m asking you <strike>America</strike> wordpressers how I can create the site of my dreams!

    I basically want to make a page with a huge featured content area that displays a big photo(or possibly a video in the future?) and has a small description written on top of it. This should probably take up the whole width of the theme. Below that I want two or three columns that has large links or something similar and maybe one area for my Loop to display. Basically I want to create my own verison of these sites…

    Any suggestions, comments, ANYTHING are greatly appreciated!!! If I’m going to spend this much time staring at a screen I want it to be productive not like what I’ve done today.



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  • eh?

    My suggestion is to not use a free theme. They are usually not that appealing imo.

    Even if you can spend a little, a site like has many <really really strong>well coded</really really strong> themes for under $50. Far lower than hiring a developer.

    .strike { text-decoration: line-through; }

    Another option is to find a “similar” theme to what you want and hiring a developer to slightly alter that theme for you, preferably a developer that uses non-deprecated tags.

    Good luck!

    Thanks kinda,
    I was hoping to learn how to do it myself, not pay for someone to do it.

    You’re welcome, kinda.

    Well then I guess you can google “wordpress theme tutorial”? There is a learning curve, however.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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