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  • I like wordpress. And, I’m sure lots of other people would too if they could see all the neat things you could do with it, and also if they could look at some of the many excellent blogs currently using it.
    So, an idea could be, to feature a blog every month/week/whenever. I think it might persuade some people who are a bit iffy about using wordpress how great it really is.
    It would also be good for gaining visibility for both wordpress and its users.
    Just a thought. Does anyone else have any thoughts?

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  • there is not a section like that. and it’s a pretty common demand.
    but we do have a section where the users can add their own blogs 🙂

    “could add their own blogs”
    Looks like it’s turned off for the average user now. 🙁

    There is also a WP Webring available. The thread on it is here:

    TG: But only open for English sites. My new WP-driven site is in German…

    Yeah, I was thinking along the lines of what they have for Blogger and MT. I am certain that there are fantastic WP blogs out there that aren’t in the WP ring, or listed in the Wiki. However, I don’t think they get enough exposure as WP blogs (as opposed to just a good blog).
    For example, if someone hadn’t pointed out to me that was powered by WP, I never would have noticed.
    Also, I think most people don’t fully realize what you can do with WP. I was a bit iffy at first, because I wasn’t sure whether it would be as “powerful” or as easy-to-use as MT, but I took the risk anyway, and I love it! However, I’m sure there are people out there who aren’t willing to “take a risk”.
    So, having some good example WP blogs would be a really good way to show the rest of the world what WP can do.

    Sounds like extra work for the devs, having to plow through a heap of sites finding the ‘best’. If it was me, I’d end up just featuring other devs and regular board contributors 😉 In any case, isn’t it much better for them to concentrate on improving the software, rather than waste time trying to promote it?

    Maybe a non-dev could do this for them. I’ll say that I am more than willing to help out here, and I could easily spend some time each week taking a look through various blogs and writing a quick little synopsis of why it was picked, etc. If you guys (by you guys I mean Matt, Mike, Dougal, Alex, etc.) would like to put something like this on the site, I volunteer my services. Let me know what you think.
    P.S.(Chances are, at least the first few would simply be the regulars, devs, etc. but it would get the ball rolling.)

    I’d be willing to help out as well. If we could gather a raw list of all WordPress blogs, it would be easy to divide up the work between multiple people.

    yeah, I agree.
    this is not meant to give the poor dev’s more work. They should be doing what they do best- developing wordpress. However, knowing what’s a good blog can be judged by people who know little about php or mysql if necessary

    I don’t know that “rating” blogs is such a good idea…

    I think some one has a list of WP blogs around somewhere. What if we could tap into it somehow, and each week randomly pick a site from the list to be the featured blog of the week?

    Well, personally I wasn’t talking about rating the blogs, simply pointing out some interesting sites that use WordPress. Blogger simply has some links that they list, while MT also has an archive that includes a little commentary on the site. I’m not convinced that it should be a weekly thing, or whatever, but it would be a nice way to show off WP to prospective downloaders, inspire current users, and just plain add to the community.
    This has been done to a very small extent in the DevBlog before when they mentioned when it was up for an award and that other site that was renting houses during the Super Bowl. This would merely be a more regular occurance of that. It might really help people see the power of WP when they see what it looks like on something like But, it’s really up to you guys. I’m more than willing to do it, but only if the developers really want it/think it’s a good idea.

    I’ve been planning to do a featured blog of the month for a while now. I guess I better get on the ball for March. It’s not going to be a “ranking” or any sort of “prize,” just a highlighting of someone doing something interesting with WordPress each month.

    However while people are volunteering for stuff, would anyone like to make a featured “badge” people can put on their sites if they’ve been chosen?

    what would you want the badge to say exactly?

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