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  • Hi, is there a plugin that acts like the plugin “The Featured Post” ( The plugin is rather old, but its features seem very useful and can be used to make the home site look much more interesting. Unfortunately, as aforementioned, it is old and I have not been able to find a plugin whose function is similar to that one. Am I just not looking hard enough?

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  • i recommend you to do the “feature” thing with a little code of CSS

    Check my site…Demstudio. is that what you are looking for?

    I don’t see anything like that on your blog. I can see the latest post styled diffrently, however, that is not the same as “featured”.

    i think he’s looking for that. If it’s not, well i’m wrong then. You said, “latest post”, but in fact is the latest post of the “featured category”

    If sammo wants that he can download the mimbo2 theme. it has cool “features”

    well… just trying to help 😮

    yes, featureme plugin seems very close to what i was looking for. what attracted me about the old plugin i posted before is that it allowed you to have picture and description of the article, in a way that you could grab more attention than a simple list. thanks guys, maybe i could doodle around and have it the way i like it :]

    dem: i can’t read the language so im not very sure, but it seems to be pretty much what im looking for 😮

    all in all i just want a simple plugin that lets you select from list of articles you have published from the past, and have a thumbnail picture and a short description to be outputted into the homepage.

    i guess what i could do is create a category for featured article, and have the homepage export the latest post from that category

    Hello I am looking to plugin like on this site “FEATURED ARTICLE” on the top.

    Did anyone find proper plugin for this?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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