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    Hey Paul, and first…let me say, AWESOME plugin!! I love this thing!

    I have a website with a rather unique purpose (

    It’s a “game” that, by simply playing it, ACTUALLY changes stuff in the real world.

    I use the courseware plugin which yours is compatible with, but I award badges a bit differently. Rather than making an award for X number of courses taken, I’d like to be able to auto award a specific badge for the completion of a specific course. I assume that the course names live somewhere in a database field, so this *should* (at least in theory) be doable…any interest in adding something like that? (if no…can I hire you to make a custom addition for my site?) 🙂

    Second thing is…how can I award a badge on the back end? I see that you’ve got the widget where I can enter a code, and have the user punch it in to get his badge, but codes can be passed around, resulting in lots of people who didn’t earn the badge getting access to it.


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  • Plugin Author Paul Gibbs


    BuddyPress Lead Developer

    Hi Velociryx! Thanks!

    Super-deep Courseware integration. Hmm. Yes, I could see the value for this in education, but I’d want to wait for this new version — — to be released before building it(just in case a lot of changes are made, and I waste my time).

    Ah hah 🙂 Sneaky users! Go into the wp-admin, go to Users, edit a user, scroll down to the bottom of the page — you should see a box for the user’s karma total, as well as a list of checkboxes for each achievement. You can unreward/reward achievements for the user with this form.

    Ohhhh! Looks like I just didn’t scroll down far enough then! I had gone into “edit users” but didn’t look all the way at the bottom! Will head there now and check it out! That should solve the sneaky user problem! *G*

    In the interim, while we’re waiting for the next version of Courseware, I’ve got all the course related badges set up as awards…this requires manual validation that the course has been complete, but is totally workable in the near term if the above feature is something you’d be open to adding down the road! I really appreciate the response, too! I had downloaded the plugin to test it some months ago when playtheplanet was still in development (before the closed alpha even) and was REALLY impressed by your upgrade!


    Plugin Author Paul Gibbs


    BuddyPress Lead Developer

    You could give a special badge to the sneaky users, and maybe change the code 🙂

    Thanks for the positive feedback!

    *G* I like that! Sort of an anti-badge…LOL

    And you’re welcome! Thanks for the awesome plugin! It’s really instrumental to my overall site design and premise (finding ways to encourage certain behaviors so we get people who “play the game” and actually wind up changing things in the real world as a result!)

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