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  • hi, it would be great if image in slide could center vertically when slide image height is larger than slide height.


    could we use qtranslate short codes for LINK URL

    for example, same slider for English and Spanish

    Link URL:

    I have tried it but it doesn’t work in version 2.9.5

    Anonymous User 14226263


    Perhaps provide a simple PHP function to test if a slideshow exists or not. Example: if(function_exists(‘slideshow_exists’) && slideshow_exists(‘front-page’)) { … } could be used in a theme to display a front page slider and provide an alternative if the slider doesn’t exist.

    The ability to edit the thumbnail size is a must for me, 40×40 is way too small.

    Great slider. I really like it a lot. It’s a nice balance of simplicity and functionality.

    I have Cyclone Slider installed on my Home Page only. But I want to optimized the load time of other pages on my site, particularly my landing pages. I noticed that when my landing page loads, it loads up (I count 6) Javascript files from Cyclone slider, even though there is no slider on this page. I suspect it’s slowing down all my pages.

    Can you optimize Cyclone slider to dynamically load only when the Slider is on that page?


    import ngg meta info from images and gallery optionally
    import ngg images without copying img itself (extra data!) but linking, optional

    ability to track clicks and/or impressions through Google Analytics.

    include ‘onclick’ + ‘onload’ commands.

    allow the widget work on a static home page, instead of only the blog posts page. or better yet, allow us choose what pages the slideshow widget will appear on.

    An option for a WYSIWYG tab for the HTML slides would be great. I dont do the slideshows myself (or I dont want to). 🙂

    Our one site doesn’t have ziparchive installed. Every upgrade, I have to comment this out:

    function cycloneslider_service_zip_archive( $plugin ){
        //return new ZipArchive;

    As a feature request, would you be willing to add an option in the settings to turn that off? I realize it would have to still be commented out on initial upgrade with that addition so it could be set to off, but then all future upgrades would work fine.

    Or maybe there’s a way to add a check for ziparchive being installed on the server and skip that call if it’s not.

    The site goes to the white screen on upgrade until I re-edit the main plugin file to comment that line out.

    I know there’s not many servers in this situation anymore, but there are still some.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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