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    Hello, your plugin is amazing, thanks so much for doing this for the bitcoin community! Please consider the following features which I am sure many will find useful:
    1- An option to specify a % error. That is, that the plugin will accept a payment even if its a bit less so long as its inside this %. Example: 0.5% error. Sometimes people don’t consider the fee and the payment is cancelled… this would fix such scenarios.
    2- An option to specify a % increase (or decrease) of the bitcoin rate. So people pay 3% more, or 1% less, etc. Also very useful.
    3- An option to let the system wait for more than 15 minutes… you can make that 20, 30. This is useful because sometimes people use an “Exchange” which has a delay and then the order will be cancelled, even when the BTC is actually sent.

    These 3 features will make this the #1 choice for any BTC store. Please consider them for future releases! Thanks!

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    Hi Moxi,
    Appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback. (Also, glad you like our plugin! 😉

    3 – Will be changed to 25 soon, we’ll guarantee the exchange rate for that duration. Precisely for the reason you mention.

    2 – We discussed this internally once before. It is easy to spot by customers and might affect our reputation (for a % increase) if people think it is TripleA that is tweaking it’s exchange rate.
    Most of our merchants would use something like to give a discount for either bitcoin or the non-bitcoin payment options.

    Open to ideas or discussion to better understand your point of view (regarding your/our reputation if a savvy user notices) and use cases.

    1 – This is excellent feedback. Will plan on adding this in an upcoming update.

    Will leave this as “unresolved” as a reminder to update you once items 1 and 3 are released.



    Thank you so much for replying ! I truly appreciate that you are interested in our feedback. I will add some more information.

    About #2, Perhaps the solution would be one or both of the following,
    OPTION A) Only allow it when using the “straight into your own bitcoin wallet” option.
    OPTION B) When activated, a legend will be shown such as “The bitcoin rate is fixed/chosen by the seller directly. It might be different from the official exchange rate”.

    That way you won’t be held responsible, but option B I supposed is only needed if using your gateway.

    Last but not least I would like to support your development, is there a way to send you some bitcoin tip as a donation ?


    Plugin Author


    Hi @moxi ,
    A quick update on this.
    – we will soon release an update which includes instant confirmations (0-confirmation guaranteed payments for most order payments) when using local currency settlement,
    – we keep in mind the % tolerance for under/over payments for an upcoming update,
    – timeout has been changed from 15 to 25 minutes in a recent version update.

    I notice I did not reply to your donation request. A review would be very welcome, ideally one that is informative for other merchants considering whether or not to try out our plugin. 🙂

    TripleA Team

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