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  • leliathomas


    One of the things I dislike about <i>all</i> content management systems is the lack of consideration for side/sidebar content. Not all of us–maybe even most of us–don’t want the same sidebar content on every page. Like most CMSs, WordPress does offer the ability to use includes to add different templates, but that alone takes away from at least part of the greatness that is a good CMS.

    What I’d love to see is a way to edit sidebar content on individual pages–within the Write Page administration. One could have a default sidebar, as you do, that would go up if no changes were made. For those who wanted a specifically different sidebar for a particular page, there would be an extra content box for what was wanted; maybe it’d be beside or under the content box when writing a page. Content could be kept in the database like any other post or page would be. And sidebar/side content would show on the page via a loop similar (or the same with modifications) to the one that we use for posts and pages.

    I suggest this, because I currently have a website that uses multiple sidebars, and it’s a pain to make any changes to the sidebar(s), unless what’s in it is automatically pulled from feeds or something. Any content that needs to be changed has to be edited from my text editor, then FTPed to my server, etc. It sort of takes away from the whole point of CMSs.

    Anyone ever tried this, or has it ever been taken into consideration? Maybe there’s a plugin that I don’t even know about. Then again, maybe this is something that interests me and no one else! XD

    Lelia Katherine Thomas

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