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  • Hello Wordfence Support!

    I find that Wordfence scans occasionally fail to complete due to Wordfence getting stuck. On such occasions, instead of killing the scan, Wordfence continues to run and eat up server resources. This has a detrimental effect on website performance. This happens on difference sites on different servers with different hosts. Could you please add an Autokill Scan feature to lessen the effects of these “immortal” scans.

    Program Wordfence to check scan duration in a different process then autokill the scan if the scan lasts longer than a user defined length of time e.g kill scan if not complete within 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 60 minutes etc… Maybe use a file count to provide an estimated scan completion time as a guide.

    Thank you.

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  • Matt


    Also, a “Directories to Ignore” feature that is NOT part of the ‘recently modified’ directories to ignore. For base installations in the root directory, and not wanting every other install to be scanned, this would be immensely helpful and appreciated.

    Hello Lee,
    In most of the cases I’ve seen when scans don’t finish because of “max_execution_time” or a memory limit error, the scan actually stops at this stage and it shouldn’t affect the server resources as it’s not actually running, however I added your suggestion to our feature-request list as I believe it should help with clearing any misunderstanding regarding that.

    @reallymattgray sorry but I’m not sure if I can understand your suggestion clearly, I think you already know that there is an option to “Exclude files from scan that match these wildcard patterns” and another one to “Scan files outside your WordPress installation” which can be turned OFF, is that what you mean?




    Thank you for your follow-up here @wfalaa.

    The ‘exclude files’ doesn’t work for what I’m hoping to see because it is directories that I want turned off. Those directories are separate installs for separate sites, but in that I’ve installed WF in the root directory (i.e. the parent site), WF wants to search all 100+ other sites, too.

    Some of the other directories I do want scanned by WF, but not all of the directories. Being able to select (i.e. provide either an ‘include’ list or ‘exclude’ list of those directories, would be immensely helpful to what I see as an already FANTASTIC product.

    I should have mentioned that “Exclude Files” supports wildcard also, so let’s say you have a site installed in a sub-directory (mysite1) and another one in (mysite2) that you don’t want the plugin to scan, you can use something like this /mysite1/*, /mysite2/* or even /mysite* to exclude both of these directories. However, I agree with you it won’t be that easy to do that for 100 websites/sub-directories!


    Thread Starter Lee Hodson (VR51)


    Thank you for your reply and for adding this to the feature suggestion list, wfalaa. I look forward to seeing the feature added.

    Looking at Matt’s suggestion, I believe what might work well for Matt, and others with a similar set-up, would be an option to invert the scan directory exclusion list such that it becomes a ‘positive selection’ list rather than a scan directory exclusion list i.e. recursively scan only selected directories and exclude all other adjacent directories at the same directory level. I believe that is Matt’s feature request.

    Again, thanks so much, wfalaa.

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