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  • A great feature would be dynamic dropdown population based on previous choices.

    Say the first dropdown was a taxonomy of animal, and this taxonomy contained the terms, dog, fish, cat

    A second taxonomy might be product type with the terms, food, drugs, underwater castles

    Say a post is with the terms dog and food. If selecting dog from the first dropdown and food from the second, great, the query returns the post. Now say we select dog from the first dropdown and underwater castles from the second, we get an empty result as their are no posts with both terms, dog and underwater castle.

    If the second dropdown was dynamically populated based on the choice in the first dropdown then you would only ever be able to select a combination that actually returns a result.

    You could choose which taxonomies to include, and then select which ones are to be dynamically populated, obviously you would not be able to dynamically populate the first. The dropdowns that are to be dynamically populated could be disabled or hidden until a previous choice is made.

    The search button could be disabled until you have selected from the first dropdown. If the second dropdown does not become enabled this makes it clear there are no terms in the second taxonomy and you can just search using the first. If the second taxonomy does have a term.

    Another cool way to do it would be kind of the reverse. If a term exists in the first dropdown that does not share a post with a term from the second dropdown, the term in not added to the first dropdown, making it impossible to make a select but be left with the second dropdown being grayed out.

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  • Sounds like what I am looking for as well for a real-estate site.
    A way to display available units matching price, bedrooms and type criteria and to display their floor plans.

    There are three selection drop downs: Price, Bedrooms, Type

    Example: Iā€™m looking for a property, I have a drop down that lists price range: under 300,000 | 400,000 | 500,000 | 1,000,000. If I select 300,000 then the next select item – Bedroom- option shows only 1 or 2 bedrooms and the Type displays only Condos. If I select Go ā€“ all floor plans for available units matching that criteria are listed and can be displayed or downloaded.

    If I select 1,000,000 then all the Bedroom options show and the Type displays Condos | Villas and Lofts. If I select Villas, then I select Go ā€“ all floor plans for available units matching that criteria are listed and can be displayed or downloaded.

    Any ideas?


    looking for samething. If you get this type of plugin please put the link

    Hi, try the older version 1.5.1. It works as you need.
    See my page.. on the right side is the filter is created by this plugin.

    Sle i saw ur link . this is what i looking for. thank you. but can u tell me from where can I get older version 1.5.1?

    @sle i tried older version. but it is not well supported in wordpress 3.8 & even I don’t getting what to do. I am making website same as yours. will you please provide steps or code for dropdown??

    & one more thing. In your site when select options from dropdown it is automatically shows result on the main page. How to do this?

    Neal, first you got to create custom taxonomy. For example: Location, …
    Use plugin Custom Taxonomy Creator

    Then install plugin Query Multiple Taxonomy version 1.5.1. and widget move to sidebar. Set filter taxonomy and that’s it.

    Automatically displays results – see somewhere in this forum, there are many interesting solutions for setting.

    My site goes on the latest wordpress, I do not know why it is not working.. Try it on some base wordpress theme

    and.. after upgrade wordpress, restart permalinks

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