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  • 1. custom enqueue scripts and stylesheets? Input box so we can add links to scripts and stylesheets? and the system adds them to the queues

    2. custom input boxes for snippets of codes and css?

    3. is there a way to add order list to the top or bottom?

    4. admin styles? can you make the elements in the backend as small as you can, as small in height as your action icons, and leave the dropdown panel the same size

    thanks for the tool

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  • Plugin Author Hendrik Lersch


    1. & 2. It’s both planned, but i can’t say any date. I want to release a new version with more features till the end of the year, but i’m very busy at the moment 😉

    3. Unfortunately i’ve never think about ordering functions. I will implement it with the next version

    4. Is it, because you have so much scripts, that the list is too long and unclear? Maybe i could make a “shrink view” button or anything like that, where only the filename and the options stay visible. No promises, but i will look into it.

    As always thanks for your feedback 🙂

    cool, thanks….yes there are too many scripts to deal with….

    if you can shrink that list and WP’s Menu items it would be great LOL 😛

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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