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  • This plugin looks awesome.

    I haven’t tried it yet, ’cause someone mentioned it breaks part of Ai1EC event calendar, which I use on a bunch of sites. But, if that gets ironed out, I’d probably LOVE this plugin.

    That said, this plugin could be even awesome-ER if it threw in the kitchen sink with two additional options (I didn’t see them listed in the features / screenshots / FAQ, so assume they don’t yet exist).

    1) Ability to “collapse” / “toggle” / “minimize” the Admin Bar menu down to a tab (and, of course, to be able to maximize it again). Some folks don’t like the admin bar (generally) as it gets in the way of seeing, well, whatever it happens to be positioned over, like the top 28px of the screen, etc. I don’t care too much, but it would occasionally be nice to see the entire screen, including what’s hidden under the bar. Would be nice if you could also move the “tab” from left to right and vice versa or top of the screen to bottom of the screen and vice versa.

    2) Ability to move the Admin Bar to the bottom of the screen (would require menus “popping up” rather than dropping down, and the minimized tab pointing up from the bottom of the screen rather than down from the top). If the bar is minimized and the tab is “moved” up or down, the bar should obviously follow and also move top/bottom. If that makes sense.

    I was kind of thinking the “tab” or toggle might have two tiny “arrow-shaped” links that would serve the “move tab/menu” function. Like:

    [-] > [———- Admin Bar, on top, toggle left ———-]


    [———- Admin Bar, on top, toggle right ———-]<[-]
    [———- Admin Bar, on top, toggle right ———–] \/


    [+] > (collapsed, no menu bar, just the toggle, on bottom)


    As I’m thinking about it, the tab could be a [+] / [-] toggle on the menu itself to use less screen real estate, and the arrows could maybe be “on hover” fly-outs, so they’re not always displayed? Just when you hover over and want to do something. So, you could A) Click the [-] to minimize the menu to just a [+] sign in the corner, or B) hover over [+] and get the fly-out arrows, then either click < or > to move left/right, or click v or ^ to move the toggle / menu down or up respectively.

    I’m pretty sure that if this menu had the toggle / move menu functions in addition to exposing all the backend admin stuff, it would be pretty sweet. Maybe even something worth integrating in some form into the WP core itself. I’d certainly make the case for its utility. ^_^

    Anyway, just thinking out loud. It would be pretty cool…

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  • I’m thinking along the lines of these:




    Just something more all-in-one.

    I’d think it would be easier for you guys to build their minimize / reposition functionalities in than for them to try to replicate all your fancy menuing systems. 😉

    Know what I mean? ^_^

    As an aside, does your plugin support WordPress MultiSite? Including the Network Admin menu, etc? I’d hate to think the plugin would break MultiSite. So, I’m hopeful. ^_^

    Again, love the plugin concept. Sounds a lot like what I’m looking for. Whereas others seem to want to get rid of the Admin Bar, I like the notion of actually fully extending it to cover access to all the primary Admin area functions / pages.


    Sorry, one other stupid question, having not yet used the plugin. Does it create an ADDITIONAL menu, or does it fully integrate into the Admin Bar as a SINGLE menu?

    I’m hoping for a single Admin Bar, taking up as little screen real estate as possible, just extended with all the usual Admin area stuff to minimize the extraneous clicking around (as opposed to taking up MORE screen real estate than the Admin Bar on its own). If that makes sense?

    Couldn’t quit tell from the screen shots, but it kinda’ looks like maybe it’s its own ADDITIONAL bar, rather than simply modifying / adding to the Admin Bar itself? If so, hmm, perhaps overkill? Was kind of hoping for a simple dropdown menu for “content stuff” (Pages, Posts, Multimedia, Links), another for “Admin settings” (Appearance, Settings, Tools, Plugins, etc.) and one for “other stuff” (Wordfence, Comprehensive Google Maps Plugin, and a few others that put their stuff elsewhere than in the standard ‘Settings’ location). Then each mai item would just have its usual single sub-menu with whatever options.

    Just thinking out loud.

    Hmm, okay, installed it on one of my other NEW sites that doesn’t have much going on yet. So, no harm no foul.

    Currently it’s “okay” for me. Seems a little cluttered, somehow. Kinda’ used to the left sidebar & the SINGLE admin bar @ top.

    Personally, I’d rather see it as the 3 menus listed above: content / admin / other “uncategorized” stuff. With all the headings listed in those menus, and each with its own single sub-menu. All of this added to and branched off of the single Admin Menu.

    Don’t know if that’s possible or not. Assume you’ve got your stuff styled the way yo like/want it, and probably don’t want to rework it.

    Maybe I’ll have to keep looking & see if another Admin Bar plugin features the slightly more compact additions I’m looking for.

    Still, the other minimize/maximize + movability stuff would be handy, if nothing else. ^_^


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