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    I have two ideas that would be great to add as features and then this would really be the super-ultimate plugin for keeping my WP db tidy:

    1. Auto-draft clean up
    When I run optimization there is still a few auto-draft left in the posts table, which is created by WP. It would be nice to get rid of those as well.

    2. Revision control
    Now the plugin works as a scheduled or manual but still “on-demand” tool, although it could have a passive feature of not allowing revisions created in the first place. I use now a separate plugin for that (, but that has not been updated for ages, and also does not take care of the postmeta table, only the posts table. With this little extra added to this plugin here, it could steal the show from all else and be the one-stop must-have of WP db caretaking.

    (Although I need to add that there is a very nice work done here already, keep it up!)

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  • Plugin Author cageehv


    Hey 0izys,

    Thanks for your useful feedback!

    — 1. Auto-draft clean up
    Just released version 2.2.7 of the plugin. In this new version also post-orphans will be deleted (including auto-draft entries)

    — 2. Revision control
    I’m not a fan of the ‘not allowing revisions’ option…
    It’s too close to the core of WordPress: every new version of WP will be a too big risk for the plugin.
    (Besides: it’s nice to have some revisions while working on a page / post, for in case you mess up)

    Thanks again!


    First of all: thanks for the quick feedback, your sense for support is awesome. 🙂

    About revision control:

    • The plugin should not make this mandatory or an only option to loose your revisions. It could just have a settings option to set up the number of revisions wanted. So that someone could set up not to have revisions, or have just one, or like 5, or have them all. (Although having all is not a realistic usecase, just as your plugin points out similarly: it just creates too much unnecessary junk.)
    • As for practicality: judging by quite some years of WP usage and blogging, I see that what I can find useful sometimes is the auto-saving functionality, and maybe having 1 revision at most. Maybe there are scenarios when more revisions are useful (in a commercial website’s case, and even then mostly for a logging purpose, not for really rolling back in time), but this is something that would be fine as an extra setting – not the contrary, which is keeping all revisions by default.
    • The mentioned Revision Control plugin hasn’t been updated for ~2 years and it still functions properly. Only bad thing is that it does not take care of the postmeta table, only the posts. So it seems this part of WordPress does not change that rapidly after all, or at least the hooks are back-compatible just fine. (I am not a plugin developer myself, so these are just guesses, but the point is: that plugin has been working for quite a while.)

    Naturally, it is all your call what you incorporate in your plugin and how you make it work. I’m just saying that by quite some years of experience this is what makes sense to me.

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