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    I tried putting <br /> in the “Between Tags” to get each category to show on a separate line, but upon saving it removed it and put “auto” back in there.
    It’d be nice if your plugin had checkboxes to display as bullets, numbered list, or just have a break / new line. Maybe even a field for “max tags per line” so 15 tags would be displayed on 5 lines.
    Even if you don’t add that sort of feature, I am curious why the br was removed and replaced with the default of “auto”.
    I think you should also add “Before Each Tag” and “After Each Tag” fields to allow someone to make their own bullet lists or whatever.

    I now see the “(in px)” requirement — well it’d be nice to include HTML between tags and such.
    Anyways, I realize it’s a pixel option now, but is there a way to use percentages instead. For example, 10% width between each tag?
    The value “50” worked with 50px, but the value “10%” was changed back to “auto”.

    I see values like “auto”, “normal”, “inherit”, “transparent”, “default”, “none”, etc.
    I assume some of those are CSS but I doubt they all are.
    After some digging, I found the link to documentation ( ), but it was daunting at first glance. I see some of the items I mentioned listed in there, but it seems more like a programmer’s reference.
    I bring all this up to say that with word values, it seems there might be some pre-defined choices, like “option1” or something like that. And that made me think maybe you already have those and I just didn’t see them in the documentation, or maybe you would want to make some. Just some feedback, not a major item.

    Currently, “Taxonomy” is a drop-down, able to only select one. Is there a way to have it be a checkbox so I could select both Tags and Categories within the same tag cloud? This might be very useful for some CPTs (Custom Post Types) with Custom Taxonomies.

    I hope my ideas help make this plugin better for everyone.

    Thanks for the plugin and your hard work.

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  • Hi Clifford and thank you for your suggestions. I’ve got some answers for you.

    1. I think what you are looking for are the “Separator”, “Prefix” and “Suffix” settings in where you can enter markup, bullets or whatever you like. The setting “between tags” is just for margin.

    1.5 I’ve noted your feature request and will try to include it in the next release.

    2. Not sure which option your question is regarding, but the values you’re listing are css values.

    3. This feature has already been requested and is planned to be included in the next update.

    Really good feedback, thanks!

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