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  • I manage web sites for several radio stations. A lot of the sports data they want displayed is common (though, not all).

    * Ability to connect with another web site and import new data and updates. It would be great if I could manage all of the base data from a central web site.

    * Live scoring. I have a custom post type I created that allows the sports staff to update scores. However, it’s a PITA for them to update 30 football games each Friday night or a dozen basketball games on various nights. What would be great is if you had a live scoring addon that displayed today’s games and allowed a logged in user to update the scores on the front end through Ajax calls.

    * Ability to display specific teams from different divisions in a single standings list.

    [ standings_list teams=”bb-k-state-men, bb-ku-men, bb-washburn-men, bb-emporia-men, bb-missouri-men, bb-oklahoma-men” ]

    They’re in different divisions, but they’re all followed locally.

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  • Plugin Author Mark O'Donnell


    Hi Dave,
    1. Please explain this one to me a bit further. “Another web site”? I guess the first issue is “which other web site”?

    2. You might want to contact Jay Wasack (<>). He has a live scoring app which I believe he wants to link into some of the MSTW plugins. Might be worth a chat.

    3. This capability exists in Game Schedules so it would be easy to migrate BUT how does it make sense for League Standings? If I’m tracking Missou from the SEC and OU from the Big-12, I can see having both SEA and Big-12 standings, but how does it make sense to have them in the same table?? Are you looking for a “Top-25 List” of sorts?

    Let me know.

    The sports department here wants to have a list of all the teams followed locally with their win/loss record. Readers of the web site know they’re not in the same division, but they like to see all the standings in one place. is the web site for the radio station I work at. is the web site of a station owned by the same corporate parent, and whose website is my responsibility.
    I have 3 others I’m building right now. They are all separate web sites, but I manage all of them.

    I use a calendar plugin called “Event Organiser”. It has a paid plugin called “Synch” that allows me to add/update/remove data from a single main calendar on one site and then synch the data to the other sites. And I can select which event categories I want to keep synched (no point in synching the Dallas Cowboys schedule from Amarillo to Anchorage).

    If would be great if your plugin could similarly synch teams, schedules, etc.. from one web site to another through a WP-CRON job.

    I wrote a small plugin that automatically synchs all of the posts of certain categories into a “hub” web site. The news staff at any radio station can look at the posts on that hub and select posts to import. this allows news staffs at different stations to share stories with each other to bulk up their postings. I use a JSON object to transfer the data between sites and the automated part is done using a WP-CRON job that runs every 30 minutes.

    Plugin Author Mark O'Donnell


    Hi Dave,
    The sports department’s request makes sense, but it seems like a list of team records, not really “League Standings”. You might take a look at one of the many plugins that import general tables.

    I doubt I’m going to sync the plugins between sites, but as the MSTW framework progresses you will be able to export and import plugin data via CSV, so it will probably be pretty easy to write a script that shares data that way. Or, it might be possible to use your plugin for the MSTW CPT’s. Is your plugin published on Can I have a look at it?


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